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Ch 68.02

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The current Mo Qing was already a demonic fiend in the eyes of many people. He carried a murderous aura that frightens others at first glance, with just one word or one movement of his finger was enough to make the whole world tremble. However, this was still Mo Qing. Even though I was aware of all his past weaknesses and all his current gentleness.

From the shadows, I drifted behind him and gently embraced his waist.

This Mo Qing…

Made my heart love, but also made my heart hurt.

In the sunlight, Lin Zi Yu’s figure returned in a flash. In his hands, he held two people, one was Shi Qi and the other was Zhi Yan.

As soon as he landed, Shi Qi turned her head and punched him. Lin Zi Yu took a step back and dodged it with much difficulty.

As Shi Qi cracked her knuckles, popping sounds could be heard: “A moment ago, I heard those Dark Guards that I beat up called you boss, so you and them are in the same group. The sect leader told me to beat them up, you are one of them, so you must also get beaten! Don’t think that if you drag me to another place, I won’t beat you up.”

This child, Shi Qi, was still so dedicated.

However, this Lin Zi Yu was quite skilled, he could dodge Shi Qi’s fists and could also use the Instantaneous Travel Technique to spirit Shi Qi away. Come to think of it, the last time I possessed Zhi Yan’s body was during that fight above Wu E Palace, he must not have used his full strength, otherwise I was afraid that I would not have been able to retreat with my body intact so easily.

Shi Qi did not even bother looking anywhere else, she could not advance forward, but she kept punching Lin Zi Yu. Lin Zi Yu did not fight back, he simply let her have her way, while he kept retreating.

Mo Qing did not even care, he simply called out: “Qin Zhi Yan.”

Zhi Yan was just watching the fight on the other side, when she heard Mo Qing’s call. Her entire body trembled immediately, as she turned her head to reply, “Yes…”

“Where is Lu Zhao Yao?”

At a glance, Zhi Yan spotted me hugging Mo Qing’s waist from behind: “Ah… It’s a little scary… She’s hugging you from behind…”

This girl, I was tenderly embracing Mo Qing while he was unaware, but when it came out of her mouth, it became scary, she did not understand romance at all.

After she finished answering, she appeared to be taken aback: “Eh… Her body, why… Did she not return back to it before?”

“I don’t know how I came back out.” I let go of Mo Qing, pouting my lips, “Perhaps it’s because this body has been unused for too long, so there’s still some problems. I’ll try again later.”

“The Great Demon King said… That perhaps her body still has some problems, she’ll try again later.” As Zhi Yan delivered my message to Mo Qing, Shi Qi, who was fighting on the other side, heard it and immediately stopped moving: “What’s wrong with the sect leader?” As she turned around, she was no longer hitting Lin

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