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Chapter 84 – Ten Thousand Year Soul Ring

A mecha brigade was at the master regiment rank, and it was merely a rank lower than that of Eastsea City’s chief executive. At the same time, there existed no subordinate relationship between these two ranks.

Long Hengxu’s face changed color immediately when he found out that this huge, stoic figure was Guang Biao. Even if Eastsea City’s chief executive was here right now, he wouldn’t have the ability to command Guang Biao!

“I have not come as the mecha brigade captain, but merely as an elder brother with a seriously injured younger brother. Bring out the culprits who caused this,” Guang Biao commanded coolly.

“Chief Guang Biao, I believe there must be some misunderstandings here.” Long Hengxu spoke in a much more harmonious tone. “There are actually three children in your photograph. It can’t be that your brother was wounded by those three children?”

Long Hengxu had clear knowledge that Guang Biao was not someone to be trifled with. He was someone who had control of a mecha brigade! This meant that all those burly men behind him were all Mecha Masters. Although ordinary people could also become a Mecha Master, this was rarely seen. The majority of Mecha Masters were Soul Masters. Even if their ranks weren’t high, they still had rich combat experience and extraordinary control of soul devices. In front of such people, their academy really couldn’t contend with them, not to mention that the other side could also mobilize mecha.

Long Hengxu had also heard of Guang Biao’s life. The captain was a legendary figure in his own right. He was from an ordinary family and both of his parents had died when he was a child. Relying on his own talent, as well as his hard work, he had managed to reach his current position at the age of 35. With the position of captain and a soul power cultivation of six rings, he was a true Soul Emperor. His Mecha Master rank had also reached Emperor Rank. As for the entire Eastsea Academy, the only one with a soul power cultivation of Soul Emperor would be…

“Misunderstandings? Children? My brother had been beaten up so badly. As his older brother, it is natural for me to investigate this matter. That will be done at my end, however. Stop your nonsense and hand over these people. I have given Eastsea City enough face by waiting here. If you do not hand over those people in 20 minutes, then we shall go and search for them ourselves.”

Long Hengxu’s face darkened as he snapped and said, “Captain Guang Biao, you shouldn’t go overboard! This is an academy, a place for cultivating students. Which of your lot hadn’t before graduated from an academy? I will not hand over the people you seek. If you have the ability, then activate your mecha and step over my dead body. Otherwise, don’t think of taking one step into Eastsea Academy!”

The students who were normally critical of Director Long’s stern ways now felt their blood boil as they watched this scene. Some

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