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Chapter 88 – This Isn’t a Dream!

The golden light said, “If you have made it here, then it is proof you have the foundation necessary to assimilate the energy of the first seal. In order for you to absorb the soul of the Golden Dragon King, you must first be physically strong. Secondly, you will also need external help. For your first seal, you will need to find three objects. These three objects can be used to help increase your physical strength. I have been awakened, so I will wait for you to prepare these three objects. When you apply all three of them at the same time, I will then help you break through the power of the first seal.

“You have to remember: the soul of the Golden Dragon King has a double-edged effect on your body. When you consume the soul, it will strengthen you. If you take too long to absorb it, however, then the seal will not be able to continue its suppression of the soul. You will die once you reach ten years of age. Find those three objects, otherwise, I will not be able to withhold the pressure of the first seal.”

Ten years old? He was only half a year away from his tenth birthday.

“What, what are those three objects?” Tang Wulin hurriedly asked his question.

“Hundred-year Ice Crystal Fruit, hundred-year Scarlet Flame Fruit, and ten drops of blood from a hundred-year soul beast with a dragon bloodline.”

Just by hearing those names, Tang Wulin knew that the items would come with a hefty price tag. He hadn’t even previously heard the names of those two aforementioned fruits, not to mention the ten drops of blood from a hundred-year soul beast, which was even more…

“Excuse me, but soul beasts are extinct! Where can I find them?” cried Tang Wulin, his expression stunned.

The golden light quieted down for a moment, as if in thought. It then answered in a glum-sounding voice, “I do not know as well. I can only tell you what information I have. As to how you are to be able do this, or how you accomplish it, that is your problem to solve. I cannot help you figure this out. I can only remind you that you must break the first seal and absorb the suppressed soul by ten years of age. Otherwise, you will die.

“When you have found these objects, enter a meditative state once more and focus on the image of a dragon. I will then escort you here. Now, I shall bring you out of this place.”

“Please wait,” Tang Wulin hurriedly pleaded.

“I am only a thread of divine consciousness, and there is a limit to how long I can stay here. Please stop prolonging my stay.” The golden light sounded severe as it spoke.

Tang Wulin asked, “Why do scales appear when I’m in contact with certain objects? Like when I was stabbed by Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Dagger? Does this have something to do with the Golden Dragon King?”

The golden light replied, “Yes. When your blood makes contact with other dragon-type objects or beings, the power of the Golden Dragon King will temporarily appear. You cannot control thi

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