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Chapter 92 – Distant Parents

Tang Wulin said, “I wish to practice the Thousand Refinements more and earn a better income. After saving enough money, I’ll be able to buy a spirit soul and eat better food at the academy. My eating ability is too great and nutritious food is too expensive.”

Mang Tian looked at his growing disciple, who seemed to have become even taller during the last three months, and his expression began to soften.

He sighed gently, then said, “Maybe I was wrong. Actually, you already had qualifications of a third rank blacksmith when you succeeded at the Thousand Refinements. Your soul power may not be strong enough, but your innate divine strength makes up for that. Especially considering the fact that you are able to enter the mental state and completely devote your being to forging and sense the life within the metal. At your age, that’s simply remarkable.

“One of the reasons I wasn’t rushing you to become a third rank blacksmith was because I was afraid of showing you more of the world of blacksmithing, and that you would grow arrogant of your talent. This would bring ruin to your future. Yet, I overlooked the fact that regardless of whether one were a Soul Master or a blacksmith, they all require an enormous amount of resources to cultivate to higher levels. The only person you can rely on is yourself. I really was too selfish.”

Tang Wulin looked at his rueful teacher as if in a daydream. “Teacher, so you’re allowing me to take the third rank blacksmith test?”

Mang Tian nodded. “Take it. Since my disciple is such an exceptional genius in the realm of blacksmithing, what kind of reason could I have to not let him blossom and shine?”

Having received his teacher’s approval, Tang Wulin joyfully said, “Thank you, teacher. Thank you, teacher.”

Mang Tian’s expression returned to normal as he seriously said, “You don’t have any reason to be so happy right now. I must remind you that after becoming a third rank blacksmith, you’ll have reached a higher status within the blacksmithing world. I’ll ask the association to keep quiet about you for a while, so you’ll need to keep a low-profile too.

“Yes, teacher!” Tang Wulin promised respectfully with haste.

“Wulin, I’ve been stuck at the level of sixth rank blacksmith and have been unable to enter the realm of Saint Craftsman for a long time. This isn’t because my efforts have been lacking or that I wasn’t gifted enough. Rather, it’s because I don’t have the soul power necessary to become a Saint Craftsman.

“In the last ten thousand years of our Douluo Continent, soul devices have developed at high speed and become modernized. The superiority of Soul Masters has gradually faded away. Even an ordinary person is capable of using most of the available soul devices now. Moreover, soul devices possess formidable attack power, which has allowed them to completely change the entire continent.

“Regardless, I must tell you that our Douluo Continent

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