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Chapter 96 - Mu Chen's Guess

Tang Wulin only had to wait less than half an hour before Mu Chen brought out two boxes and a small bottle, placing them in his hands.

Treasuring their important weight, he took the three items. Tang Wulin didn’t speak as he gave Mu Chen a deep bow.

While putting icing on the cake was easy, gifting coal when snowing was hard. To him, these three items were the same as giving away coal when it was snowing!

Cen Yue brought Tang Wulin with him to accept a task that could only be completed by a third rank blacksmith and then personally sent him out of the association. Afterward, he moved towards the highest level of the building, the office of Mu Chen the president of Eastsea City’s Blacksmith’s Association.

Seeing him, Mu Chen smiled. “I knew you would come find me.”

“President, we found the three items for him straight away; do you think it was too easy for him to obtain it? If a youth acquires items this easily, they wouldn’t know how to treasure it. Furthermore, hasn’t the association given him too much preferential treatment? Doing this may not be advantageous to his growth,” Cen Yue said with much doubt.

Mu Chen grinned. “Those three items should be what he currently needs urgently. Didn’t you notice? He looked quite anxious today. With his young age, he wouldn’t be able to fake these signs. That means that he was in dire need of those three items, but he had some difficulty financially in acquiring them, thus his rush to sit the examination to qualify as a third rank blacksmith. This was so that he could accept tasks of higher rank and hence receive a greater sum of remuneration. I only made use of my authority, and loaned these items to him. With his talent and potential, the association won’t incur a loss. This is the first point.

“Secondly, you would also have noticed that he had completed the third rank examination easily. With your skills as a sixth rank blacksmith, how long would it take you to Thousand Refine Heavy Silver? With your level of soul power and wealth of experience, would you be twice as fast as he is?”

Cen Yue didn’t try to hide his deep thoughts. “I can’t. I can’t deny that this child is a prodigy for being able to be one with the metal at such a young age, and whilst fully concentrated. He hadn’t broken out of focus a single time during the entire process. It wouldn’t be a problem for him to enter the Spirit Forging realm. Adding on his innate divine strength, even if he was restricted by his soul power, he would be capable of reaching sixth rank blacksmith at the very least. He will definitely surpass Mang Tian.”

Mu Chen caught a gleam of admiration within Cen Yue’s eyes. He grinned, saying, “Not only you, even I’m jealous of Mang Tian as well. He has truly found a genius that’s out of this world. This child not only has a strong foundation, but is also very talented. You said that he wouldn’t treasure those items because they were easily obtained? I’

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