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Chapter 98 - Taking the Spirit Medicine

An indecipherable, deep purple liquid bubbled constantly within the cup, like the murky waters of a swamp.

With no other choice, Tang Wulin closed his eyes, furrowed his brows, and lifted the metal cup, emptying it.

Unexpectedly, the taste of the liquid wasn’t as bad as it smelled, and upon entering his mouth, it gave him a miraculously warm feeling. It tasted slightly sweet and fishy and had a tang to it. As if he was consuming a sea urchin, it was both smooth and slimy and stuck to his throat before he swallowed it down.

The warmth spread throughout his body, leaving him unspeakably comfortable. Tang Wulin couldn’t help but release a sigh. This mouthful had costed him hundreds of thousands of federation coins, and it was already gone!

No, it might have been even more than that. Although he didn’t personally buy these items, the blood of a hundred-year dragon-type soul beast should’ve been a sought-after item that would fetch a sky-high price.

What should I do now? Tang Wulin was dazed for a while, but he sobered up in a flash. Taking two steps back, he sat in a meditative position.

He chose to avoid sitting on the chair to prevent the possibility of falling to the ground if something happened during his meditation to cause his body to react.

Concentrate, meditate, and circulate soul power.

This should be it; by circulating his soul power, he should be able to dissolve the effects of the medicine.

Tang Wulin had a thought, how is Old Tang going to help me break the first seal?

Suddenly, a strange feeling overcame him from every corner of his body. It felt as though vitality was flowing into his blood, as if steam was rushing out of every pore in his body. This sudden heat left Tang Wulin feeling unbearable, and he could barely remain in his seated position.

His temperature rose, his body similar to a furnace. Sweat poured from his body like a waterfall. Tang Wulin couldn’t control the heat within him and started trembling violently.

A faint golden pattern started appearing on his forehead, growing until they covered his whole body. The golden patterns, in the shape of rhombuses, appeared faint at first, but they slowly grew clearer. Tang Wulin’s body became as red as acooked prawn.

So hot, so hot!

Tang Wulin clenched his teeth and persevered, as Old Tang had previously said that he should have strength, endurance and dedication.

The weak soul power within him had seemingly escaped his control and began surging throughout his body. Tang Wulin could no longer maintain his state of meditation and felt that his surroundings were turning blood red.

Could it be that my body is actually melting?

Tang Wulin’s body trembled, and the golden webs on his body became even clearer.

Suddenly, the heat disappeared like subsiding waves and with it, the unbearably miserable feeling.

After reaching equilibrium, this level of comfort would n

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