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Chapter 72 – The Class Promotion Tournament Begins!

With the Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers’ Stacked Hammers effect, the difficulty of the Thousand Refinements was now much less than before.

The days soon flew by. For six days of the week, he would be hard at work cultivating. On the remaining day, he would forge.

At this moment, Tang Wulin, along with Gu Yue and Xie Xie, were inside Wu Zhangkong’s office. He informed them that the first match of the Class Promotion Tournament would begin the following week. Before Tang Wulin knew it, two months had already passed.

During these last two months, everyone had changed by more than a little. The most important change was that under Wu Zhangkong’s ‘special training,’ all three of them had gained a mutual understanding between each other, causing their relationship to be much more harmonious now.

Gu Yue was without a doubt the strongest among the three of them. Even when he went all out, Xie Xie was unable to close the gap between them by even a bit.

Xie Xie’s soul power, however, had surprisingly grown to rank 19 over the past two months. After one more rank up, he would be able to receive the second soul ring from his hundred year spirit soul, thus becoming a Soul Grandmaster.

Gu Yue’s soul power had increased by two and reached rank 17. Despite him having Bluesilver Grass as his martial soul, Tang Wulin worked hard everyday to improve his martial soul control while also using a higher level meditation technique as he underwent Wu Zhangkong’s training. This had allowed his soul power to increase by one rank to rank 12.

According to his current speed, he would definitely be able to reach rank 20 before he graduated from the intermediate academy. With his abundant self-awareness, Tang Wulin didn’t bother to compare himself with Xie Xie and Gu Yue, instead completely satisfied with his progress.

“Teacher, who is class four sending to battle with us? Do you have their data?” Xie Xie eagerly asked Wu Zhangkong.

Wu Zhangkong coldly answered, “If you guys need data on that measly class four in order to defeat them, could you still be considered my disciples? You only have one mission during the tournament next week: crush your opponents! Do you understand?”

“Yes!” All three of them exclaimed.

Wu Zhangkong said, “The Class Promotion Tournament will begin soon. There will be one battle a day until the tournament ends. I’ll give you guys a target: win your way to the fourth grade!”

Winning all the way until the fourth grade? When they heard these words, Tang Wulin’s eyes were filled with shock while Xie Xie couldn’t help but gulp down his saliva—despite his confidence.

It had to be known that the talented individuals of the fourth grade would already have acquired their second ring. In fact, there were even some two ring Soul Grandmasters within the third grade! Yet, they were only in the first grade and were tasked with fighting until the fourth

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