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Chapter 81 – Flying Soul Masters

Wu Zhangkong brought the first grade’s class five over, Tang Wulin, Xie Xie and Gu Yue following right at his heels. The rest of the students in class five had expressions filled with excitement. After the results of the previous match, they had suddenly gained much more confidence in Tang Wulin’s trio.

Ye Yingrong walked over with a smile.

“Hello Teacher Wu.” She smiled and nodded towards Wu Zhangkong.

Ye Yingrong truly was a beauty. Her height exceeded 170 centimeters, her figure was superb, and her eyes were bright and full of spirit. Her rarely seen long, light green hair was tied in a ponytail and, with the addition of her fair skin, oval face, and cherry mouth, many would find it believable if they were told she was just an advanced academy student!

She had joined Eastsea Academy as a teacher at the age of 23 and was already a four ring Soul Ancestor. To Wu Zhangkong, he considered this excellent for her age.

“Hello.” Wu Zhangkong nodded in acknowledgement.

“I’m the teacher in charge of class three, Ye Yingrong,” she said, stressing her name in particular. This was because she was certain that this Icily Arrogant Prince Charming had no idea who she was. This was the legended Prince Charming who lived in his own world after all. In the entire academy, it was unclear how many of the females’ names he could actually remember!

“En.” Wu Zhangkong answered with a single grunt before his gaze drifted back towards the stage.

Xie Xie stood on the side with eyes full of admiration. The thing Xie Xie envied the most was this icy arrogance Wu Zhangkong had about him. This sort of icy arrogance wasn’t a facade, but rather, it was innate! If he compared himself with Wu Zhangkong, he would be found to be truly too lacking!

Ye Yingrong didn’t mind this response in the least. Instead, she turned her attention to class three and waved them over. The students of class three hurriedly ran over, forming a neat line in front of her.

Ye Yingrong said to her class, “Friendship is number one, and the competition is secondary. Gu Tianri, Gu Tianyue, Gu Tianming, do you understand?

“Yes, Teacher Ye!” The triplets spoke in unison, making it seem as if only one person had spoken.

Wu Zhangkong swung a glance at them. Upon seeing their three identical appearances, he clearly became much more interested in Ye Yingrong and these triplets.

At that moment, Teaching Director Long Hengxu arrived on stage.

“The second match of the Class Promotion Tournament has arrived. First grade’s class five, is it still the same three people as before?”

Wu Zhangkong nodded. Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Gu Yue stepped onto the stage together and walked over to the center.

Ye Yingrong said with a humble smile, “You guys should go now too.”

The identical triplets got onto the stage.

These three brothers shared similar traits, such as a slender figure and exceptionally sharp eyes. Due to t

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