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Chapter 69 – SpiritConnection

As Tang Wulin entered a state of extreme focus, he became immensely clear-headed and knew very well that if he were to move backwards, the hammer in his left hand wouldn’t be able to reach his teacher.

Thus, he loosened his grip on the hammer in his left hand which then abruptly flew towards Wu Zhangkong.

Wu Zhangkong casually flicked the wooden sword in his hand, horizontally brushing Tang Wulin’s left hammer.

Wu Zhangkong’s martial soul was actually a sword. He was practicing to reach the realm of ‘One Sword Cleaves All Techniques.’ Thus, regardless of whatever assault was used or whoever the opponent was, Wu Zhangkong chose to use only his sword.

However, he suffered this time around.

As the hammer and sword collided, Wu Zhangkong felt a strong wave of power trasmit through his wooden sword. Although Tang Wulin’s strength was unmatched by his, he had not released his martial soul and merely used a small portion of his soul power. Wu Zhangkong felt as though his wooden sword was on the verge of breaking.

He wasn’t even given a chance to gather more soul power, when he felt the power flowing through his wooden sword double.

Kacha! His wooden sword broke, and the Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammer flew brazenly in the direction of his head.

Wu Zhangkong flashed aside, avoiding the Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers with a close shave.

Those seemingly small forging hammers fell towards the ground, creating a deafening booming sound. It gave Xie Xie, who was preparing to give his support to Tang Wulin, a big shock.

Tang Wulin had forced back Teacher Wu, and even broke apart his wooden blade?

Retreating back a few steps, Tang Wulin held up his heavy silver hammer up to his chest in defense.

Wu Zhangkong stopped, staring blankly for a while. He knew Tang Wulin’s hammers were a bit strange.

“Stop!” He raised his hand, halting Gu Yue and Xie Xie, both of whom were preparing to resume battle.

Xie Xie looked at Tang Wulin weirdly, and then switched his gaze towards the grey hammer on the ground that he’d never seen before. He felt his heart contract with a wave of fear in that instant.

The first time he had battled Tang Wulin, he’d been bound up by Tang Wulin. If this hammer had gone down towards him…

Tang Wulin rushed towards the ground and picked up the three hammers, returning them into his Heavy Silver Ring.

“Your hammers are abnormal.” Wu Zhangkong looked towards Tang Wulin with an eye filled with doubt.

Tang Wulin answered him, “These hammers were made with Heavy Silver, and are slightly heavier than normal forging hammers.”

“How heavy could they be? Let me see!” Xie Xie was very curious about those hammers, which had been able to break Teacher Wu’s wooden sword apart.

Dang! Shortly after the Heavy Silver Hammer left Tang Wulin’s hand, it dropped to the ground. Xie Xie fell from the huge force of the inertia.

“Aiyoh!” Xie Xie

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