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Chapter 74 – The Trio

This match couldn’t even have been considered as a steamrolling, since there wasn’t any steamrolling at all. The entire match had proceeded in a relaxed manner, in such a way that Tang Wulin and Gu Yue didn’t even need to use their soul power to defeat their opponents.

It was like what Wu Zhangkong had once told Tang Wulin: the sheer force of his strength alone was sufficient to defeat most of his peers.

Wu Zhangkong didn’t spare a glance at class four’s class teacher Kong Hanwen when he announced in an icy tone, “Class dismissed.”

Xie Xie and Tang Wulin stood so close that their shoulders rubbed against each other. “I’m actually really happy that the Class Promotion Tournament is being held. We’re freed from the evening’s special training.”In order to maintain their physical condition and energy, the competitors were given permission to be absent from their special training classes. That was the cause of Xie Xie’s exclamation.

Long Hengxu walked down the stage at this time and looked towards the trio with a somewhat shocked expression. He had arranged for Xie Xie’s allocation to the first grade’s class five in view of the previous fight that had occurred. With Xie Xie’s talent, there shouldn’t have been any doubt to his allocation into class one. However, his family had sought out Long Hengxu’s help. They had hoped to give Xie Xie more opportunities to hone himself, so he was eventually allocated to class five.

At that moment, Long Hengxu had many thoughts running through in his mind. Class five was the worst class in the academy, and was under the greatest amount of pressure within the first grade classes. Moreover, Wu Zhangkong had been transferred to their class. Despite the fact that this Icily Arrogant Prince Charming was not well-liked by the academy administration, it was undeniable that he was possessed both strength and excellent teaching ability.

He took his analysis one step further. With the gifted Xie Xie in class five, all the other classes were under even more pressure in the Class Promotion Tournament. With the situation like this, the entire first grade was much more motivated to learn and improve.

This action had many benefits, and was why a talent like Xie Xie was allocated to class five.

It seemed now, however, that class five’s competitiveness had far exceeded what he had previously expected. He was curious as to why Wu Zhangkong had chosen Tang Wulin to participate in this Class Promotion Tournament. He distinctly remembered that Tang Wulin’s martial soul was Bluesilver Grass!

As for the girl, she was probably the student whom Wu Zhangkong was willing to admit his mistakes for. Though he hadn’t had a chance to witness her true abilities, her possession of a hundred-year soul ring provided enough explanation.

This combination of class five participants was simply one that went against heaven’s will! Even the competitors of first grade’s class one would be ha

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