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Chapter 87 – I Have a Dragon in My Body?

When Wu Zhangkong lifted his blade and pointed it to the ground, it was done in a gentle and free motion, without a trace of forcefulness behind it.. In that situation, Tang Wulin hadn’t been able to clearly see what happened next.

Yet, when Wu Zhangkong’s Skyfrost Sword touched Guang Biao’s fist, he could clearly hear a sorrowful dragon’s roar echo within his mind. Moreover, this dragon’s roar reverberated continuously. As one scale flew off that fist, one after another, that pained dragon’s roar caused his mind to tremble. He felt as though Wu Zhangkong’s attack had actually been targeting himself. In fact, after the scales flew off, he could even feel the chilling sword qi that had entered Guang Biao’s body, and the suffering it caused to his martial soul.

In that moment, Tang Wulin’s heart trembled, and another voice appeared within the depths of his mind. That voice had been in extreme rage and the burning, hot sensation he’d felt when he was stabbed by the Light Dragon Dagger appeared once more. Although it was only for a brief moment, and it hadn’t caused his body to transform, it still made him greatly shocked.

From the moment the power first appeared to now, it seems to have been appearing more and more frequently. Tang Wulin realized that his body seemed to be hiding some sort of secret deep within it. Moreover, this secret likely had something to do with the mutation of his Bluesilver Grass.

With this thought in mind, Tang Wulin’s heart couldn’t help but stir restlessly. Normally, it would be very easy for him to enter a state of meditation, yet today, he couldn’t keep a tranquil state of mind for a long time.

Yun Xiao and Zhou Zhangxi had already returned to the dorm. Despite being normally calm, Yun Xiao was in high spirits as he discussed with Zhou Zhangxi and Xie Xie about Wu Zhangkong’s two sword attacks and his charm.

Tang Wulin could hear their discussion. As he attempted to enter a meditative state, his mind was gradually filled with more and more distracting thoughts. That continuous dragon’s roar had excited his body. It seemed that something special was growing within his body.

Gradually, his consciousness became hazy, and the dragon’s constant roaring died down. It seemed that he was finally entering a meditative state.

He gently circulated his soul power. The others were already meditating at this time, so they didn’t see the golden vein pattern appear on Tang Wulin’s tailbone.

A scorching heat suddenly enveloped his body, causing his entire being to start trembling. His brows were knitted, as if he were in extreme pain.

Darkness. It was pitch-black darkness. Nothing could be seen through this darkness. Tang Wulin discovered that he had arrived in a pitch-black world.

Suddenly, a golden light appeared off in the distance.The golden light was simply too dazzling, and he couldn’t help but give it all of his attention.

The golden li

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