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Chapter 71 – Hammer Practice

When Gu Yue was mentioned, Xie Xie couldn’t help but sigh. This week, he had competed against Gu Yue more than once or twice. Although he could hardly accept it, he had to admit that he couldn’t defeat Gu Yue at his current level. Gu Yue’s control of the six elements simply involved too many permutations – there was barely any patterns or rhythms behind them. Adding on to that, the amplification effect of her first soul skill, Elemental Tide made it so that even in a battle of soul power attrition, he still couldn’t match Gue Yue.

Tang Wulin called out, “Hey, it’s getting late; we should all start our meditation. I have to meet with teacher tomorrow, so I won’t be attending school.”

The Intermediate Academy had a break once every week, and students were allowed to do whatever they liked during this period of time. Tang Wulin hadn’t had the time to complete his task of forging the Sky Dragon Iron and felt anxious about it. Mang Tian’s arrival came as a coincidence – he was there to complete his tasks too.

The next morning. Tang Wulin headed out of the academy after breakfast, rushing towards Mang Tian’s forging workshop.

Ding Ding Dang Dang. Loud sounds could be heard from the forging workshop, although Tang Wulin hadn’t gone in yet.

“Teacher!” Tang Wulin used his keys to open the door and entered the forging workshop. He found a rather busy Mang Tian.

Mang Tian looked towards him. “En. You’re quite spirited. It seems that you have been earnestly cultivating.”

Tang Wulin scratched his head uneasily. “But, blacksmithing…”

Mang Tian waved his hands. “You can already perform the Thousand Refinements. That’s already as good as being promoted to a different stage. Such a thing cannot be improved purely through practice. With regards to your current age, practicing harder to increase your soul power is still the most important. Thus, there was no fault in your actions. But from now on, come here every weekend. Okay, go and change your clothes. I’ll help you familiarise yourself on the use of the Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers. You can complete your task later in the afternoon.”

Mang Tian couldn’t bring himself to maintain a cool disposition towards his disciple. When he tried getting his disciple’s contact number from Grandmaster Cen Yue, he was pestered endlessly by Cen Yue for a long period of time. Even the President had taken the initiative to personally approach him for it.

Despite Eastsea City’s low standing within the whole of the continent, Mu Chen was still one of the ten great Saint Craftsmen on the continent. Such status wasn’t only within the world of blacksmithing. He was a prestigious character throughout the continent. If not for his wife being a citizen of Eastsea City, he wouldn’t have come here.

Yesterday, Mu Chen had suggested that if Tang Wulin had questions about anything in his studies, he would gladly help him. How could this not surprise and del

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