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Chapter 78 – Reappearance of the Golden Scales

Gu Yue’s face was slightly flushed but Tang Wulin had already rushed up. With his pair of heavy silver hammers, he directed an assault at Guang Long

Guang Long smiled grimly and swung his fists. Two fists and two hammers collided.

Boom, boom, boom! Tang Wulin leapt into the air, and with the addition of his hammers, his strength had increased greatly. Guang Long, however, had displayed both his soul skills – Armored Body and Armored Dragon Body. Putting both together had increased his toughness to an astonishing degree.

Tang Wulin was thrown out forcibly once more, a stuffy groan emitting out. Blood dripped from his mouth and nose.

Xie Xie’s response was lighting fast. He dashed behind Tang Wulin in the blink of an eye, hoping to support Tang Wulin and prevent him from falling.

But he had underestimated the force of Tang Wulin’s body. After taking hold of Tang Wulin’s body, the both of them were slammed into the ground.

This precisely getting crushed by force.

Guang Long shook his shoulders, but didn’t continue to pursue Tang Wulin. Instead, he looked towards the surrounding spectators. “You see? If you dare defy me, this will be the outcome. Although these kids are Soul Masters, there are in no way a match for this daddy. Whomever dares defy me, beware of this daddy’s Armored Dragon claws tearing you into shreds.”

“So painful. Xie Xie, your Light Dragon Dagger is stabbing me.” Tang Wulin, who had fallen to the ground, howled in pain.

Xie Xie, who had initially tried to support him, was pushed away by the immense force and was in no way able to control the Light Dragon Dagger in his grip. It had slashed against Tang Wulin’s back.

“I’m sorry. That wasn’t my intention.” Xie Xie had also collapsed onto the ground in a mess.

Gu Yue prepared her water element in advance to heal them both. Upon reaching Tang Wulin, however, ,she found a strange energy radiating from his body.

‘So hot!’ Tang Wulin’s body trembled lightly. A fiery heat radiated from the wound on his back, spreading throughout his body.

The familiar burning sensation from so long ago reappeared once again, flowing from his tailbone, throughout his body and toward his brain. His body felt as though it was lit on fire and had released an intense wave of heat from his body. This wave of heat had completely cleared the tightness within Tang Wulin’s chest when he’d been sent flying by Guang Long

The soul power within Tang Wulin’s body rose as well, but he only felt that his spirit was in chaos. Unknown to him was that his strength had increased to a shocking level, as if it could now shake both the heavens and earth.

Tang Wulin turned to look at his right hand subconsciously showing golden spots had appeared upon the back of his hand. The whole of his right arm felt as though it was recharged and it vibrated lightly. That huge increase in strength all came from his right hand.


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