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Chapter101 - The Battle Begins!

Tang Wulin noticed that the Light Dragon Dagger in Xie Xie’s hand had reduced in size by one circle and its light had become dimmer, yet it seemed to have grown more solid. The lines on the dagger were even clearer to see and now carried a terrifying aura to it.

Two rings? There’s actually a student in class five with two rings?

Despite having just arrived at the sidelines, Long Hengxu’s mouth was already agape. In comparison to class one with its three Soul Grandmasters, the fact that a Soul Grandmaster appeared in class five was even more shocking. It was an unprecedented event in all of Eastsea Academy’s history!

Long Henxu felt his face heat in pain as though he’d been smacked in the face.

Oh Wu Zhangkong, Wu Zhangkong. You truly are capable!

The whole of class five began to cheer when they saw that there were actually two rings beneath Xie Xie’s feet.

In a flash of light and shadow, the two of them rushing towards the other. With a grave expression, Xie Xie sped up, turning into a golden light, spiraling in an arc towards Wei Xiaofeng and pressing him back.

Before they even clashed, Xie Xie’s oppressive aura made Wei Xiaofeng feel as if he was being chopped up.

What powerful soul power! He must have just broken through, while I’m already at rank 22! How can his soul power still be so oppressive?

Naturally, Wei Xiaofeng didn’t know that with his twin souls, Xie Xie’s soul power was far mightier than others at the same rank.

None of the other four remained idle while these two clashed.

Tang Wulin didn’t immediately release his martial soul, but rather he rushed forward madly, making a beeline for the opponent’s commander, Zhang Yangzi.

Gu Yue’s figure flickered for a moment before quickly reappearing behind Tang Wulin, as if she were his shadow. Although Tang Wulin only relied on his tyrannical strength and was nowhere near as fast as Xie Xie, he was certainly not slow either. Gu Yue was light as a feather, as if she were a ghost. From beginning to end, she stuck herself to Tang Wulin’s back.

Zhang Yangzi stood there without budging a single inch, as if he paid no mind to Tang Wulin’s charge at all. Rather, it was Wang Jinxi who moved from his side.

Similar to his teammates, Wang Jinxi also had two soul rings. His slim figure seemed to swell a bit, but what had grown in size weren’t his muscles, but rather, his skeleton. He looked like a bony rack as he raised his arms to let forth a stream of black gas.

This… He actually has martial soul with the darkness attribute?

Wang Jinxi took large strides forward to meet Tang Wulin, his arms extended in front of him the whole time. Two black flames seemed to ignite within his eyes as he advanced. His spirit soul was nowhere to be found and no one knew what it was.

Despite this, Tang Wulin’s expression remained unchanged. A white soul ring appeared underfoot as he raised his arms for

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