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Chapter 33 – First Arrival in Eastsea City

Eastsea City.

This was the second largest seaside city in the Sun-Moon Federation. Its main feature was its port, which served as a nexus for travelling the seas and exploiting the resources of the ocean.

The city had a population of over three million people. By exploiting the natural resources in the ocean, the city was able to prosper. Even when compared to the rest of the Sun-Moon Federation, it could still be considered a second-tier city.

Eastsea City had a long history and its overall appearance had preserved its original state of a simple and unadorned style. In the last several hundred years, the Sun-Moon Federation had taken extra care to protect some of the more ancient buildings. Thus, many of the millennia old buildings could be found in this ancient city.

Eastsea City soul train station.

A dark blue soul train slowly entered the station and came to a stop.

In Eastsea City, nearly all of the soul trains were blue in color.

After coming to a stop, the train’s doors opened up, letting the people onboard off. Many people greeted each other but after a moment, the station returned to its usual hustle and bustle as people headed towards the exit.

Tang Wulin tightly held onto his rucksack as he followed the stream of people towards the exit. This was the first time he had ever been to such a major city so his curious gaze was wandering all over the place.

The train station’s ceiling was constructed from a bunch of metal tubes. With a glance, Tang Wulin could tell that all these metal tubes had been casted and were pressed into completion like ordinary metal.

Tang Wulin’s expression wasn’t too good and he seemed rather gloomy.

Before his eyes was an unfamiliar environment. Naturally, a nine-year-old child like him would inevitably feel a bit frightened by this.

He had come to Eastsea City to attend the Eastsea City Academy. He had thought his mom or dad would have accompanied him here, but his dad told him he was a big kid already, and that he should go and experience it for himself. After buying him a ticket, they brought him to the soul train and saw him off.

This was the first time Tang Wulin was so far away from home. Even after leaving the house, Lang Yue had been tirelessly instructing him on various matters. His mind had already gone blank when he arrived and he could only follow the stream of people outwards with a face full of perplexion.

While he was following the stream of people, it suddenly split in two, giving Tang Wulin a clear look at a polished black soul car that was parked on the platform. The stream of people had split in order to avoid this car.

Although he didn’t recognize what type of car this was, he could tell from its exterior that it was absolutely high class. The body of the car was slender and sleek, its four wheels had caterpillar tracks on them. It seems it was an all-terrain vehicle.

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