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Chapter 55 – Shouldn’t There Be Rewards?

That was right, this was precisely what Tang Wuling did. In Tang Wulin’s mind, Xie Xie was no longer a person, but a piece of metal that he was currently forging. His mind gradually entered the forging phase where one emptied out their thoughts and cleared their mind. Xie Xie’s previously dizzying actions seemingly slowed down and became clearer.

It was in this situation that the pair of Thousand Refined Tungsten Hammers were waved around, hammering twice each time to shield off Xie Xie’s attacks.

Though Xie Xie hadn’t started his third move, he felt a gush of vile wind blowing in his direction. Tang Wulin struck his hammer towards Xie Xie. From the ear-splitting sound it produced upon moving through the air, one could easily judge the heaviness of a single strike.

Xie Xie hastily dodged. However, Tang Wulin unfolded his hammers and started hammering down, his strikes, worthy of being called a ferocious thunderstorm, were aimed towards Xie Xie. The hammers produced a ‘wu-wu’ sound as they struck down, causing dust to rise from the ground. The repeated strikes left Xie Xie cowering in retreat.

Xie Xie didn’t dare use his Light Dragon Dagger against Tang Wulin’s attacks. He was an Agility System Battle Soul Master. He knew that even though his opponent was just using pure power, he wasn’t confident he could muster the strength to match it. If one compared both their strengths, the difference was simply too great.

With a flash of his body, Xie Xie quickly retreated and distanced himself from Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin didn’t give chase; he knew that his speed was of no match to Xie Xie’s. Involuntarily, he halted his hammering, but his gaze remained glued to Xie Xie and his every action.

‘This bastard!’ Xie Xie cursed in his heart. His gaze sharpened.

Xie Xie’s expression turned solemn as he caught his breath. The Light Dragon Dagger in his right hand waved slightly. At the same time, he raised his left hand. His entire person suddenly became more vigorous and powerful.

He pressed lightly against the ground with the tips of his toes and pushed out, shooting into the air. As he shot up into the air quickly, faint afterimages of himself trailed behind him. He unleashed a speed that had increased by at least 30% more than before.

Pelted by the wind Xie Xie produced, Tang Wulin raised both his hammers.

With his body in the air, Xie Xie gave Tang Wulin’s Thousand Refined Tungsten Hammers a light tap using the Light Dragon Dagger in his right hand. As he turned, Xie Xie’s energy was recharged. Simply by borrowing some from Tang Wulin in that little move, he was able to direct his left hand towards Tang Wulin.


Tang Wulin’s back was marred with yet another scar.

The stabbing pain brought Tang Wulin back to his senses and he staggered a little, feeling the burning pain in his back. Despite that burning pain, a wave of heat flowed into his body from his spine.

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