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Chapter 39 – You Can’t Beat Me in Eating Either

Tang Wulin discovered an issue. It seemed that he ate more while standing up than when seated.

There was already quite a crowd surrounding him.

“This guy’s stomach isn’t that big, yet how can he eat so much? He’s about to break the record. I remember our intermediate academy’s steamed bun record is 43. How many has this guy eaten already?”

“He’s already broken the record by eating 45. How formidable! What’s more, he doesn’t even look like a big eater. The steamed buns are palm-sized too! The academy’s steamed buns have always been this large.”

Zhou Zhangxi had long since started to foolishly stare at Tang Wulin. He had always thought he could eat a lot. In fact, he had even managed to eat 20 steamed buns before becoming too full.

This was simply ground meat along with vegetable soup.

Tang Wulin not only ate the steamed buns, but he also drank the soup. Every five buns he would drink a large mouthful of soup. He looked as if he was truly enjoying himself.

The palm-sized steamed buns were really delicious. They were stuffed with a big meatball on the inside. As soon as one bit into the bun, fatty juices would flow out. It truly was too delicious.

What was most important, it still wasn’t enough!

“I’ll have to trouble everyone.” Tang Wulin finished the fiftieth bun, then walked up to the third meal window.

Yun Xiao patted Zhou Zhangxi’s shoulder. “Let’s go and get started on cleaning the room. Now that I know he can out-eat you, I finally understand why he’s stronger. This is called the law of conservation of energy. The more one eats, the more strength they would have!”

Zhou Zhangxi’s face was decrepit as he took in this scene. “Tang Wulin ordered another 20 steamed buns.”

Back at home, feeding Tang Wulin had been Tang Ziran and Lang Yue’s greatest headache. This child was truly too capable in eating. Moreover, when Na’er was there, the two were practically competing in how much they could eat.

Zhou Zhangxi’s own eating ability was great in comparison with his peers. On the other hand, Tang Wulin was basically on a whole different level.

After releasing a long sigh, Zhou Zhangxi looked towards Tang Wulin. “I never thought anyone could actually eat a whole cow before, but after seeing your eating prowess, I believe it to be possible now. I agreed to the bet so I must accept this loss. I’ll head back and begin cleaning first. You can continue on with setting your record.”

“En, en!” Tang Wulin hadn’t been all that worried about winning or losing. For him, being able to eat until he was completely full was much more important.

In the end, the intermediate academy’s steamed bun record was set at 80 buns and five large bowls of vegetable soup.

When Tang Wulin left the dining hall feeling perfectly satisfied, all eyes were on him.

After returning to the dormitory, Zhou Zhangxi was cleaning the room, but avoided Tang Wulin’s la

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