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Chapter 29 – Understanding Refinement

Tang Wulin sat down on the floor as he was overcome by a surging wave of weakness. Mang Tian expertly removed a bandage from his pocket and pasted it onto his apprentice’s wrist, covering the previous wound.

Mang Tian, a master blacksmith, had a strange look on his face. His mouth was still slightly ajar at the sight of what had just happened.

A genius was still a genius at the end of the day. Even if Tang Wulin didn’t have a hammer as his martial soul, this fact remains unchanged. His ability to comprehend more than makes up for this deficiency.

The Thousand Refinements. Even amongst most blacksmiths, it was a challenge that could not be accomplished. Yet, it was actually done at the hands of this 9 year old child! This was an unbelievable act.

Tang Ziran had already rushed in to hold his son up.

Mang Tian had been quietly mulling over his thoughts for quite some time before he spoke. “Genius, this is a genius at work. Wulin, you must always remember the feeling you had today. To you, this is just the beginning… This is just the first of the shocks you will bring to the blacksmithing world!”

Unfortunately, the five hours of forging had led him to being completely spent and Tang Wulin hadn’t heard the words his teacher spoke. He had already dozed off in the arms of his father.


When he next awoke, Tang Wulin was on his bed.

The sky was bright and the sun’s rays pierced through the window sill and into the room. It shone on the bed Na’er used to sleep on.

Although Na’er had already left, Tang Wulin had never allowed his parents to remove her bed. Deep down, he had always felt that Na’er would come back one day.

Although his wrists no longer caused him pain, his body still felt weak. His body felt warm, thus he lazed about on his bed. He felt an odd sense of comfort.

A faint smile broke out on his face. The Thousand Refinements, it should have been completed!

So this was how it felt like to experience the Thousand Refinements.

Even when he lost consciousness, he could still clearly remember the feeling. At that point during the final stages of the forging, every hammer stroke resonated with the Heavy Silver. There was an extremely profound feeling. To him, the Heavy Silver felt as though it were alive. As Tang Wulin took a breath, so too did the Heavy Silver. Every stroke of the hammer was like a massage for the Heavy Silver and it called out with feelings of relief.

When this feeling reached a peak, the Heavy Silver transformed. Its physical changes had accumulated to a point where it had become fundamentally engraved into the metal.

Even if he didn’t know what happened afterwards, he was still confident that he had succeeded.

‘I am not a piece of trash, at least not when it comes to blacksmithing. Even as a Soul Master, my Bluesilver Grass is no ordinary Bluesilver Grass.

‘Na’er, if you were still around, how great would this hav

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