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Chapter 36 – Fight

“My little sister embroidered that.”

The little flower design on the blanket had purple petals while the rest of it was silver. Although it wasn’t perfect, it was still a memento from Na’er.

Tang Wulin still clearly remembered that time. He was laughing by Na’er’s side as she embroidered the blanket. He had even teased her and said, “These small crooked flowers still aren’t as pretty as you.”

“Remember this you brat, I’m the one in charge here.” Zhou Zhangxi pointed at himself with his thumb.

Sitting on the other bed, Yun Xiao suddenly felt something wrong. Something seemed to influence the room’s atmosphere. It now felt colder than before.

After sensing this, he saw Tang Wulin slowly raise his head.

His eyes had already turned red and his fists were clenched. There was actually a ‘pa pa’ sound coming from his knuckles!

Zhou Zhangxi looked down from above and said, “Are you going to bite me?”

Tang Wulin moved, charging at Zhou Zhangxi like an artillery shell as he swung out his right arm. A series of explosions resounded in the air as the fist flew, arriving in front of Zhou Zhangxi in a flash.

Zhou Zhangxi wasn’t an idiot and knew that Tang Wulin might explode at any moment. He was already prepared and as soon as he saw that fist flying towards him, his right hand moved to deflect it.




The first sound was Zhou Zhangxi’s palm meeting Tang Wulin’s fist. His judgement had been accurate and he had even managed to meet the fist head on. Unfortunately for him, it was like an ant trying to shake a large tree. He wasn’t able to move Tang Wulin’s fist at all!

The second sound was Tang Wulin’s fist colliding with Zhou Zhangxi’s chest. There was a muffled sound of an impact, and he was sent flying through the air.

The final sound was made when Zhou Zhangxi flew through the window with barely any resistance. He had flown out of the dormitory from the second floor!

“Ah!” A miserable scream followed shortly after.

By now, Yun Xiao had already gotten off his bed and was foolishly staring at Tang Wulin who released an aura similar to that of a tyrannical dragon. He didn’t even know that the book in his hands had dropped to the floor.

Zhou Zhangxi’s martial soul was the Titan Ape. He was a rank 11 power system martial soul master. The only reason he was assigned to class five and to this dorm room was because his soul power wasn’t that high. Still, he was the strongest person Yun Xiao had ever met that was his age.

Yun Xiao was absolutely certain that Tang Wulin’s punch had contained no soul power at all when it sent Zhou Zhangxi flying. That punch was thrown with only brute strength!

With his martial soul being the Titan Ape, Zhou Zhangxi’s bones were tougher and harder than an ordinary person’s. As a result, he was actually heavier than an adult at the age of nine.

Even with such a solid body, he was sent flying through the window by

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