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Chapter 60 – Surrounded

Cen Yue smiled and said, “Soul communicators are gifted to new members of the association. Since every blacksmith has one, you can consider it one of the benefits of joining the association. As for this ring, the President wanted me to give it to you. He said that it’s just a temporary loan. It has a space of ten cubic meters, so it’ll be convenient for when you hand in your work. How else could you carry around all the metal required for the tasks?”

‘There are even benefits? This storage ring is simply too valuable.’ Tang Wulin couldn’t even comprehend the worth of a ring with ten cubic meters of storage space.

Cen Yue placed the two items into Tang Wulin’s hands. “Take it. It’ll be fine so long as you complete some tasks from the association. Just consider this ring as something that the association issued you. It’s usually only given to fourth rank blacksmiths, but the President believes that you’ll definitely become a fourth rank blacksmith in the future. Don’t disappoint us.”

Tang Wulin took a step back and kneeled before Cen Yue. “I must thank you, Grandmaster Cen Yue, and the President.”

Cen Yue helped him up, then rubbed his head with a smile. “Even though I’m not your teacher, it’s still my duty to remind you that every single profession is but a different route to the same destination. Even though soul power is no longer crucial to this profession during this era, and many ordinary people are now able to forge things that previously required the power of a Soul Master to finish, some accomplishments within the cultivation of soul power is needed to reach the peak of this profession. Because of this, you definitely can’t abandon your studies!”

“Yes!” Tang Wulin earnestly nodded his head. His dream, after all, was to become a powerful Soul Master! Despite being more accomplished as a blacksmith at this moment, he’d never wanted to give up on being a Soul Master.

It wasn’t until he left the Blacksmith’s Association that Tang Wulin snapped out of his dream-like state. He owned a soul communicator now? Moreover, the Association would reimburse him for the calling fees? He even had Cen Yue’s number within the soul communicator already.

He looked at the storage ring on his right ring finger. This ring had a storage space of ten cubic meters! It’s value was simply unimaginable. It was likely worth even more than a hundred year spirit soul!

However, Tang Wulin was unaware that even though this was a benefit given by the association, it still wasn’t something a fourth rank blacksmith could receive. Rather, one had to be a fifth rank Master Craftsman rank blacksmith to receive it!

Mu Chen had clearly given him this ring as his investment into a talented child.

‘The association’s benefits are truly too great. Ah!’ Tang Wulin suddenly remembered something he had to do.

He wasn’t just a blacksmith, he also a Soul Master! He needed to go register at the Soul Master’s Association

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