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Chapter 50 – The First Class

“Let’s battle again!” Xie Xie repeated for the umpteenth time as he rushed to catch up with Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin ignored Xie Xie’s calls and headed straight for the dining hall.

“I wasn’t at my best yesterday! If you don’t fight with me, don’t think that I won’t reveal your secrets! ” Xie Xie threatened.

“You can say whatever you want,” Tang Wulin replied to his threat nonchalantly. What was he to be afraid of, if he himself knew nothing about the golden scales?


“Don’t disturb my meal time,” Tang Wulin told Xie Xie as if he were shooing a fly, and easily moved him aside as he headed for the third window.

“Hey! Come fight me! I’ll treat you to a meal from the first window!” An idea took form in Xie Xie’s mind as he shouted towards Tang Wulin’s back.

Tang Wulin, who was originally headed towards the third window, suddenly returned to Xie Xie’s side, as if his back was attached to a rope and it had been yanked backwards.

“Are you serious?” He still had cravings for the meals from the first window. After having tasted the food from the second window the day before, he could feel the significant difference the nutritious food had made for his body. He had felt distinctly more comfortable when he woke up this morning. He had been able to feel it throughout his whole body, as if each and every inch of his muscles had been revitalised.

“Of course!” Xie Xie answered back proudly.

“Until I’ve had enough?” Tang Wulin’s pair of large eyes brightened up.

“As much as you can eat. Didn’t they say that you have a huge appetite? Show me your ability. I’ll let you eat until you can’t take any more food!” Xie Xie’s lips curled into a smile as he spoke.


Half an hour later, Xie Xie was already beginning to regret his promise.

“Are you even human? You’ve already eaten 30 phoenix turtle eggs, and you still have room for more?”

A meal from the second window cost 300 federation coins, and a meal from the first window could cost up to 1,000 federation coins. Tang Wulin wasn’t aware of these costs, and had already finished at least fifteen meals, but it seemed that he hadn’t filled up just yet.

“Let’s just forget about this, then. I’ll stop eating.” Tang Wulin felt a little ashamed. He had no idea how much one meal course would cost, but with the quantity that he had consumed, it was definitely not cheap.

Seeing that Tang Wulin was moving towards the third window, Xie Xie rushed forward to grab him and answered fiercely, “Eat. Why did you stop? You’ve already insulted my body, I am not going to let you insult my character as well. I’ll keep my word.”

A meal from the first window gave Tang Wulin an astoundingly different feeling. He had never tasted anything as delicious as this. The meal from the second window, though nutritious, was bland. However, this meal from the first window was utterly different, even when putting its incredible taste aside. A

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