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Chapter 52 – Victory Streak

Li Chushui was, nonetheless, only a nine-year-old child, and her fighting experience wasn’t abundant. As Tang Wulin had expected, the continuously quick and ever-changing movements that Li Chushui used to seek her opponent’s weak points had eventually tired out her rank 11 spirit power.

She couldn’t wait any longer; she didn’t have the strength to sustain her soul skill for much longer.

Li Chushui gritted her teeth and seemed to have suddenly vanished as she maneuvered herself behind Tang Wulin with a sudden spurt of speed. At the same time, the white soul ring on her body lit up. With a wave of her claws, two blades emitting white light shot in front of her, followed by her body.

Tang Wulin obviously wasn’t as fast as her. However, his action of merely changing direction was much simpler. His Bluesilver Grass moved quicker and congealed together.

The two white blades slashed quickly at the Bluesilver Grass, a so-called trash martial soul. However, the envisioned image of Bluesilver Grass being torn to bits didn’t happen. The white blades flickered gently with light as they both disappeared, and Li Chushui crashed into the web of Bluesilver Grass.

Long blades of blue, narrow vines twirled upwards and bound her petite body. Tang Wulin pulled his right hand into a fist and punched toward Li Chushui’s bound figure before him. However, he abruptly stopped his fist a mere few centimeters in front of her.

Xie Xie unknowingly felt his cheeks warm up as he watched. ‘This jerk! Why didn’t he stop when he was competing with me?’

There was a flash of light in Wu Zhangkong’s eyes. ‘That’s no ordinary Bluesilver Grass! His character is free from arrogance and his control is pretty good too.’

“Tang Wulin wins.”

Tang Wulin loosened his Bluesilver Grass and helped Li Chushui steady herself. Li Chushui blushed as she exchanged glances with Tang Wulin’s large eyes that were in close proximity to her. She said to him shyly, “Thank you.”

Tang Wulin simply smiled in response, stunning her. She felt as though his smile radiated like the sun.

Round two proceeded onward and Xie Xie successfully defeated his opponent. There were 5 remaining students after that round concluded.

Tang Wulin originally thought that he would be placed against Xie Xie in his second round, but Wu Zhangkong purposely placed him away from Xie Xie. The same happened during his third round.

“Tang Wulin, Tao Liufan, both of you can start first,” Wu Zhangkong said, monotonously.

Tao Liufan wasn’t tall, but he looked quite sturdy. He had a head of messy, short, brown hair.

Both stood ground facing each other as they released their martial souls.

Tao Liufan’s martial soul was a Willow Tree. His soul power rose, and as he raised both his hands as if to support the sky, strips of willow twigs flowed out and up from both his limbs. They swayed as though they were a part of the willow tree. At first glance, it

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