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Chapter 47 – The Battle of Eastsea Park

Eastsea Park wasn’t far from Eastsea Academy. One could reach the park after a 10 minute stroll by following the path next to the exit of the academy. The park was accessible to the public at no charges at all. As it was still early in the day, the park was filled with many citizens doing their morning exercises.

As one strolled into the park, their senses would be greeted with a rush of nature’s perfume – a blend of the crisp scent of the plants and the floral sweetness from flowers, which refreshed their minds. Tang Wulin felt himself gradually relaxing. His Bluesilver Grass was a plant martial soul, and he was currently surrounded by fields of Bluesilver Grass. This was the environment he loved best.

He had a faint thought that if he meditated here, the results would be much better than if he were to meditate back in the dorms. He had already proven this point when he was back home in Glorybound City. But it was impossible to compare the small garden back home to this park with its endless boundaries; the differences in size was simply incomparable.

Xie Xie wasn’t surprise that he wasn’t the first to arrive. He strolled casually and with much familiarity into the deepest parts of the park.

Following the gravelled walkway into the park, one would realise the differences in the size of the trees. The deeper into the park, the larger they became. Eastsea Park had a history of over a thousand years, long before even the Eastsea Academy had been founded. With its rich history, the park contained many varieties of rare trees.

As he moved deeper into the park, Tang Wulin gradually felt even better. This feeling of returning back to nature revitalised the martial soul within him.

‘Such a good place! I will be back again.’ Tang Wulin thought.

As they reached the deepest part of the park, where they were well hidden from others, Xie Xie halted in the center of an open area.

“Here it is.” He turned to face Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin stopped at the same time, returning a cautious look to Xie Xie.

“I will be fair to you. Since I am an Agility System Battle Soul Master, I will move back 50 meters. When I say start, you may move.” As he spoke, Xie Xie began moving backwards. He refused to take advantage of Tang Wulin. Especially not with his pride held up so high.

Tang Wulin didn’t make a sound. Instead, his mind was filled with the images of their previous match. The yellow colour of Xie Xie’s martial soul when he released it during the match the other day was still vivid in his mind. Though he hadn’t managed to grasp the spirit soul of Xie Xie’s, it was clear to him that the colour meant that Xie Xie had a hundred year spirit soul.

A hundred year spirit soul would naturally have hundred year soul skills. Tang Wulin was unsure about the strength of that power.

“Are you prepared?” Xie Xie’s voice came to him from afar.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath and focused h

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