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Chapter 28 – Thousand Refined Heavy Silver

The higher the temperature, the more ductile the Heavy Silver became.

Two hours of patient forging passed. The metal suddenly erupted, but Tang Wulin continued his relentless forging. With each powerful strike, the Heavy Silver gave off sparks as it began to deform.

Whenever his arms began to ache, another wave of heat would circulate out from his vertebrate. It dissolved all of his aches the moment it flowed into the hundred bones of his four limbs. Tang Wulin also automatically transferred soul power into his arms in order to maintain his strength.

Gradually, the chunk of Heavy Silver grew smaller and smaller as it became progressively more pure.

It must be said that Heavy Silver’s strength was that it already had very high and incredibly dense characteristics. If one wanted to purify and shrink it, it would be exceedingly difficult, especially if one wanted to avoid destroying its veins.

As Tang Wulin’s hands purified the metal, however, this chunk of Heavy Silver’s value would increase by at least two or three-fold.

Tang Wulin wasn’t even aware of how many times he had struck the chunk of metal. Gradually, the sounds of pounding died down. In front of him was a chunk of Heavy SIlver that was releasing a faintly discernable radiance. Everytime he struck, it appeared as if it would breathe in unison with him. Tang Wulin’s vertebrae was already scorching hot and, hidden under his clothes, a dim golden-veined pattern appeared.

Off to the side, Mang Tian’s attention was completely focused upon the chunk of Heavy Silver and he hadn’t noticed the change in his disciple’s body at all.

A golden spark appeared within the deepest depths of Tang Wulin’s eyes as his hammer became one with his body. With every strike, the Heavy Silver would sing out a comforting note.

Tang Wulin’s eyes shone brighter and brighter as his hammering also sped up. All of his strength was condensed into the pair of Thousand Refined Tungsten Hammers he held in his hands.

The Heavy Silver was beginning to reveal its purest state. It shrunk more and more. Shrinking by five percent, ten percent, fifteen percent. After reaching this degree of shrinking, its density had also reached its limit. It couldn’t possibly shrink inwards anymore. Tang Wulin still continued to hammer it. With every strike, the Heavy Silver’s vein lines would improve a little. Its vein lines were becoming more and more fair.

The light of the forging flames had long since illuminated the blacksmiths within the room, turning them into a deep red. Tang Wulin’s clothes were soaked in sweat. Even Mang Tian, who was watching from the sidelines, had his forehead covered with sweat.

Thousand Refinings. This was the feeling of the Thousand Refinings.

As a Grandmaster Blacksmith, Mang Tian had an outstandingly acute perception and knew that Tang Wulin and the Heavy Silver had come to an agreement.

This was a type of i

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