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Chapter 24 – Na’er Leaves

Early in the morning, Tang Wulin awoke from his meditation and discovered himself surrounded by grass.

It was as if he was meditating in a world of Bluesilver Grass. The feeling here was much better than the one at his home. He was unaware that this was due to the fact that his soul power had entered the realm of Soul Masters, as well as due to the variation in his martial soul. His cultivation speed was much faster now.

Tang Wulin jumped up from the lawn and shook the morning dew off of his body.

“Lin Lin! Lin Lin!” Lang Yue’s anxious voice called out from afar.

“Mom, I’m over here,” Tang Wulin said as he hastily ran out of the little garden.

“Something’s wrong. Na’er, Na’er… She…” Lang Yue was panting as she ran over.

“What happened to Na’er?” Tang Wulin’s heart tensed up.

Lang Yue took a deep breath to calm herself before she anxiously said, “She’s gone. Na’er is gone.”

“Ah?” Tang Wulin was gobsmacked and quickly followed his mother back home.

It was true. Na’er was gone. She had only left a letter on her bed.

Mom, Dad, big brother, I’ll be leaving now. Thank you for taking care of me these past few years, but I remember who I am now. My family has come to pick me up, so I have to go. I was really happy during the days I spent with you all. Extremely happy. I really didn’t want to part with you all, but from the memories I’ve recalled, I know that I must leave. I have many things I must do. Big brother, I will always remember how you looked when you protected me from those bad guys. I will always remember the taste of all the treats you’ve bought me.

– Na’er.

Tang Wulin was dumbfounded as he stared at this letter.

Despite adding to their burdens, Na’er had brought them numerous joys ever since she’d joined their household.

Tang Wulin was so happy after getting a little sister. He always felt unusually satisfied whenever he watched Na’er eat the treats he bought with his forging money, especially when she gave him a sweet smile.

“How can this be!? Na’er, how could you leave like this? How could you? Even if you found your family, you can’t leave like this! You can’t leave…”Tang Wulin turned around and ran out. Lang Yue wasn’t able to stop him before he rushed out of the house.

“Na’er, Na’er!” Sobbing screams resounded throughout the small town as Tang Wulin madly ran about, shouting out as he searched for Na’er’s silver hair and violet eyes.


Na’er tightly held onto a crude rag doll as she leaned against a wall, one tear drop after another dripping down her face.

That was the first present Tang Wulin had bought her with his monthly wage. The rag doll had violet eyes and silver hair that Tang Wulin had dyed himself. It looked just like her.

Tang Wulin’s image unceasingly revolved in her mind.

It was only when they were together that both of them were full of smiles. He seemed to have always been thinking of ways to bring a smile

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