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Chapter 59 – Accepting Tasks

Seeing that Mu Xi was eyeing him with a pair of provoking eyes, Tang Wulin was at a loss for a moment before deciding to reject her offer. “I’m not competing.”

He turned next towards Mu Chen. “Uncle President, where may I go to accept tasks from the Association?”

Mu Chen shot a glance at Mu Xi which prevented her from speaking her mind before smiling back at Tang Wulin. “Brother Cen will bring you there. You are now a part of our Association’s large family after having passed the test successfully. If you meet with any difficulties in future, you can apply for assistance from the Association. Though our Blacksmith’s Association is not the strongest association around, it surely is the most united one.”

As he spoke of the word ‘united’, he gave his daughter a pointed look. Mu Xi, with a discontented expression, lowered her head and pouted.

“Follow me then,” Cen Yue said with a smile.

After Mu Xi sent Tang Wulin and Cen Yue off with her eyes, she could no longer wait before bursting out with a question towards her father, “Dad, why did you prevent me from having a match with him?”

Mu Chen’s face darkened. “Such a presumptuous attitude. What do you take this place for? This is the Blacksmith’s Association! As a member of the association, especially as my daughter, your every word and action represents the association. This child has just joined our association; what if you scared him off? You should compete with him when both of you are familiar with one another. Until then, if you are still keen on competing with him, I won’t stop you. But you should hold such a contest privately. Isn’t he your junior? You should keep your eyes peeled and watch for him especially.”

Mu Chen didn’t get a chance to speak with Tang Wulin too much today. With regards to this child, he needed more chances to observe Tang Wulin. He had seen the block of Heavy Silver Tang Wulin had refined, and judging from its degree of uniformity, he knew well that Tang Wulin’s forging standards was above his daughter’s. His true motive was that he didn’t want his daughter to suffer any blows to her confidence. After all, self-confidence was of the utmost importance, especially for kids at their age.

Since Tang Wulin was keen on accepting tasks, he would have ample opportunities observing him. The planning for how he should cultivate Tang Wulin could be done after observing him a little more, which wasn’t too late.

The Task Acceptance Hall was located on the 2nd floor of the Blacksmith’s Association, with the whole of the 2nd floor filled with round counters. Each of these counters had task rank sign, that looked similar to the badges of the association. A blacksmith could only collect tasks within their rank or ones of lower ranks. They were unable to collect tasks that required rank higher than theirs.

Within this blacksmithing trade, materials were all provided by the entrustors. Because of this, the asso

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