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Chapter 54 – Treating Him Like Metal

After seeing that one strike from Wu Zhangkong, the students dared not break the silence out of fear. Their lineup was even more orderly now. In front of this teacher of theirs, they all felt as if they were under great pressure.

Tang Wulin blinked a few times. Just a moment ago he had been seriously watching the match. When Wu Zhangkong’s sword thrust forth, Xie Xie had begun to dodge, yet his futile attempts only resembled a prey caught in a spider’s web to Tang Wulin. No matter how much Xie Xie struggled, it would’ve been impossible to escape from this large web.

It was done with such a simple sword, but had neither the aid of a martial soul or a soul skill. Yet, Wu Zhangkong easily suppressed Xie Xie. What kind of cultivation was needed for this!?

‘Teacher truly is too formidable!’ Tang Wulin began to revere the so-titled Icily Arrogant Prince Charming in his heart. Even as he revered Wu Zhangkong on the inside, he also stealthily returned the soul camera to his Heavy Silver Rings. Senior Sister Liu Yuxin had requested a favor from him. Even though it was his first time doing such a thing, he was still prepared.

Xie Xie wiped away his sweat as he stood there with a pensive look. He was pondering over the oppression he’d just faced from Wu Zhangkong moments ago.

Wu Zhangkong hadn’t attacked blindly with his sword. In front of this kind of pressure, Xie Xie had felt as if he were trapped. He felt that he was about even with Tang Wulin, but when he was in front of Wu Zhangkong’s sword, he felt as if any decision he made would only result in his death. There was no chance of escape at all. In this kind of situation, even if he had wanted to rush out, how was he supposed to do so?

“One minute has passed. Get ready.”

Xie Xie raised his head and rested his gaze upon Tang Wulin who had his hammers in hand. In return, Tang Wulin stared at him as well.

Looking back, this was their third battle.

Xie Xie had lost in the previous two battles, and now held a slight fear towards Tang Wulin. He still clearly remembered that golden light. This time, however, he would be on guard against it.


Wu Zhangkong announced the start of the match, thus raising the curtains for the final showdown within class five.

Xie Xie released his martial soul and his Light Dragon Dagger twinkled in his hand. However, he didn’t impatiently rush towards Tang Wulin and, instead, began circling around him.

Tang Wulin had also released his Bluesilver Grass the moment the match begun and had weaved Bluesilver Grass in a manner similar to the style of his first match against Li Chushui. The blades of grass weaved into a large net, just waiting for someone to walk into its trap.

Xie Xie’s heart stirred. ‘Wasn’t Wu Zhangkong’s sword pressure simply a formless net? Was Teacher giving me guidance on how to break through Tang Wulin’s net? But Teacher, you don’t know how tough this guy’s

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