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Chapter 27 – Concentration of Forging

Tang Wulin picked up his Thousand Refined Tungsten Hammers as he had recalled his knowledge about Heavy Silver.

The cold handles of his Thousand Refined Tungsten Hammers’ invigorated him. At this moment, his depressed self disappeared. There was only two words in his mind: Thousand Refinements.

If you look closely, you would find that the Thousand Refined Tungsten Hammers’ body had turned black. On the hammer one, could vaguely see a petal pattern that was unique to the Thousand Forgings.

After heating the Heavy Silver in the forging furnace for half an hour, it finally reached a suitable temperature for forging.

Tang Wulin took out the Heavy Silver. He then gripped his Thousand Refined Tungsten Hammers and focused his vision. Raising the hammer in his right hand, he lightly tapped the Heavy Silver, producing a “ding” sound.

This test was called the testing hammer. Before blacksmiths began their work, they would do this to test the forging metal’s toughness.

Mang Tian nodded when he saw Tang Wulin’s look of complete focus. This child’s perception was exceptionally high, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to lay down such an excellent foundation in three short years. He had a steady temperament while also being extremely clever. It was only fitting for Mang Tian to pass on his legacy to this child.

The Thousand Refinements he faced at the moment was undoubtedly a very important test for him. As Mang Tian stood at the back and observed Tang Wulin, he was convinced that Tang Wulin had the ability to pass this test. Above all else, his body wasn’t lacking in anything that could cause complications after Wulin’s recent growth in strength.

He was only nine years old this year. If he was actually able to complete this Thousand Refinements, then Mang Tian feared that Tang Wulin would have broken a record. The Blacksmith’s Association current record holder for Thousand Refinements was held by a SaintCraftsman level blacksmith at 13 years, 3 months and and 2 days!

Naturally, Tang Wulin was unaware of Mang Tian’s thoughts. He was currently concentrating all of his attention and spirit on the Heavy Silver in front of him.

He raised the hammer in his left hand then smashed it down on the edge of the Heavy Silver. Dang! Even as the entire chunk of Heavy Silver throbbed, the hammer in his right hand was already descending at lightning speed, pounding at the silver once again.

Although he hadn’t reached the realm of Thousand Refinements, he had already produced many Hundred Refined metal components before. Regardless of how the Thousand Refinements were, it had to start with a Hundred Refined metal! During the process of Hundred Refinements, he would come to understand its characteristics.

Tang Wulin wouldn’t usually forge with such an uncommon and high grade metal. This was his first time forging with Heavy Silver, so he had to understand its characteristics first.

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