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Chapter 31 – Peak Special Effect

At first glance, the pair of Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers didn’t appear eye-catching. Their grey exterior made them appear like ordinary forging hammers. Upon closer inspection however, one would discover dark, wave-like patterns covering its whole body. The dark wavy patterns on the handle even seemed to be nurturing an endless strength.

A spiral pattern twisted along the hammers’ handles, down to the very end, where it stopped at a sharp point.

He had spent three whole days forging these hammers, little by little. During the forging process, he could feel in his blood that he was doing half the work for twice the results. Even though he worked with such efficiency, it had still taken him three whole days to complete the project.

“It’s finished. Let’s see what the Thousand Refined special effect is,” Mang Tian said to Tang Wulin. Even a master blacksmith like Mang Tian had expectant eyes.

“Mn.” Tang Wulin nodded and gripped the pair of Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers in his hands.

He had already conducted a series of measurements after forging them. The hammer in his left hand weighed 152 kilograms while the hammer in his right hand weighed 166 kilograms. Although these hammers appeared small, their weight could definitely be described by using one word: astonishing.

As Tang Wulin held the spiral patterned handles, he could sense the soul power in his body surging forth. In a flash, his soul power connected with the two hammers.

Although Tang Wulin’s increase in strength wasn’t small by any measure, it wasn’t enough to solely rely on brute strength when forging these hammers. Even if he had innate divine strength, there was still the restriction of him being only nine years old.

As he felt the connection between his blood and these hammers, it was as if they grew lighter by a bit. Moreover, with the addition of his soul power, his grip on the two hammers became exceptionally steady.

Tang Wulin took out a chunk of metal from the forging furnace that had been prepared beforehand. After a moment, his eyes focused and he gave the customary light tap on the chunk of metal with the hammer in his left hand.

Ding ding ding! Three brittle notes resounded.

Tang Wulin stood there foolishly while Mang Tian’s pupils contracted momentarily.

“Test it out again.” Mang Tian eagerly said.

Tang Wulin once again tapped the chunk of metal with the hammer in his left hand.

Ding ding ding. Three brittle notes resounded once again, despite the fact that he had only tapped the metal once.

“Use a heavy strike!” Mang Tian said deeply.

Tang Wulin’s right hand was already trailing an arc in the air as he heavily hammered the chunk of metal.

DANG DANG DANG! Three crisp bangs exploded out. Due to the stronger strike this time, Tang Wulin and Mang Tian were clearly able to see that the moment the hammer made contact with the chunk of metal, two blurred imag

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