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Chapter 37 – Punishment

The icily arrogant youth was sent flying in a flash after being struck by Tang Wulin’s explosive punch. As his fist had connected with the youth’s face, Tang Wulin released the binding of his Bluesilver Grass, allowing the arrogant youth to fly out of the room like an artillery shell. With a boom, the arrogant youth was embedded into the wall of the hall.

Yes, he was ‘embedded.’ In front of Tang Wulin’s power, he couldn’t even resist.

The arrogant youth was an Agility System Battle Soul Master, so he excelled in quick attacks. Their weakness was that Agility System Battle Soul Masters lacked defensive capabilities. If they were hit, especially by someone like Tang Wulin whose innate strength surpassed a Power System Battle Soul Master’s, they would immediately be knocked down.

As a result, that arrogant youth had already lost consciousness the moment he was sent flying.

Tang Wulin was gasping for breath amidst the disarray of his room.

Yun Xiao was already hiding in the corner of his bed as he stared at Tang Wulin fearfully. For a moment, he was completely at a loss as to what he had just witnessed.

‘This guy… was this guy even human? Even that dressy guy was sent flying by him…’

Tang Wulin crouched down and gently picked up his blanket. He brushed the dust off of it and held it tight. Fortunately, the blanket hadn’t been damaged, just dirtied.

“What’s going on?” Right at that moment, a firm voice came from the hall.

Ten minutes later.

Eastsea Academy’s intermediate teaching building.

“So in conclusion, this tragedy was triggered over a blanket?” Long Hengxu coldly looked at the four boys in front of him. His frowning expression was like a drop of water.

Zhou Zhangxi, Yun Xiao, Tang Wulin, and that arrogant youth were all standing side by side.

The arrogant youth’s eyes had an ice-cold radiance in them which would occasionally glance at Tang Wulin from time to time.

Zhou Zhangxi’s expression was ashen, and he was covered with bruises from head to toe. If one were attentive, they would discover a trace of fear in his eyes which refused to even make contact with Tang Wulin.

Yun Xiao was the one who thoroughly explained what had transpired. After hearing Yun Xiao’s account, Long Hengxu grasped what had happened.

Tang Wulin stood there with his blanket firmly in hand, simply looking at the embroidered flower with a lowered head. His large and pretty eyes were filled with stubborness.

“Zhou Zhangxi, originally with a martial soul like yours, you would have been assigned to class three, however, your soul power rank was too low. Now it seems that your moral conduct is equally as low. Getting beaten up serves you right. You’ll be in class five permanently,” Long Hengxu coldly stated.

Zhou Zhangxi wanted to refute him, but when he saw Long Hengxu’s frowning expression, he didn’t dare speak.

“You two also. Fighting as soon as you enter the acade

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