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Chapter 34 – Reporting In

“Hello elder sister, my name is Tang Wulin. I’m here to report,” Tang Wulin said politely.

Liu Yuxin was a bit surprised when she sized up the little boy in front of her. He looked to be about 11 or 12 years old, but he was actually a new student here to register. Since he definitely had an academy’s recommendation, this meant he was actually just nine years old!

Although he was young, he still had a very pretty appearance. That’s right. Liu Yuxin had to use ‘pretty’ to describe this boy’s appearance. He had large eyes and long eyelashes that even made her a bit jealous. In front of this pretty boy, she couldn’t help but be at a loss as her face cramped up a bit.

“Hello, my name is Liu Yuxin. I’m a first grader at the Eastsea Advanced Academy and I’m in charge of receiving new students this year. I’m your senior sister here. Come and fill out this form and afterwards, show me your recommendation letter from your elementary academy.”

Liu Yuxin passed a form to Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin relaxed a bit in his heart as he took a furtive glance at the senior sister in front of him.

Liu Yuxin watched as Tang Wulin filled out the form, and couldn’t help but read out loud as he did so, “Tang Wulin. Nine years old. Graduated from Glorybound City’s Red Mountain Elementary Academy. Rank 11 plant system Soul Master. martial soul: Bluesilver Grass. Ah! Your martial soul is Bluesilver Grass?”

Tang Wulin nodded.

Liu Yuxin smiled sweetly, “To be able to reach rank 11 at your age with a martial soul like Bluesilver Grass, it truly isn’t easy at all.”

When he didn’t hear the usual disdain in this senior sister’s words, Tang Wulin’s gained a much more favorable impression of her. He scratched his head as he said, “Elder sister, you’ll even recognize a Soul Master who has Bluesilver Grass for a martial soul?”

Liu Yuxin smiled. “Of course! Of course our academy recognizes it, even if it is just an alright martial soul. Soul Masters have been developing for several tens of thousands of years all the way until now. The martial soul isn’t nearly as important as it was back in ancient times. You can definitely improve it with spirit souls and furthermore, you’ll discover that martial souls won’t be that significant in your upper years.

“More importantly is your soul power rank and your talent with mechas. Afterall, a mecha can turn a Soul Master with an ordinary martial soul into a powerhouse! So you must cultivate properly, little brother. In the future you can also just call me Senior Sister.”

“Thank you, Senior Sister.” Tang Wulin wholeheartedly thanked this pretty senior sister. Her words had dispelled much of the worries Tang Wulin had upon first arriving in such a large city.

Liu Yuxin looked over Tang Wulin’s recommendation letter before stamping it and handing it back to him along with a small metal placard.

“Wear this metal placard around your neck as it’s proof that you’ve been

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