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Chapter 66 – Elementalist?

“She’s a genius, only I’ll be able to teach her appropriately. I hope that Director Long would provide me with your support, and no matter what happens in the future, please ensure that she stays in my class.”

Long Hengxu couldn’t control himself anymore and asked, “Elementalist? What martial soul is this? Teacher Wu is well informed, surely you would have some knowledge of this?”

Wu Zhangkong replied, “I’ve just seen it. It’s not a bad type of martial soul. You will see it in action during the upcoming Class Promotion Tournament.”

Having heard Wu Zhangkong mention the Class Promotion match, Long Hengxu informed him, “Assigning Xie Xie to your class was because I hoped for something to happen from your class during this match. After all, when the worst class increases its strength, it would stimulate the class on top of it to work harder. The existence of this Class Promotion Tournament is purely based on taking advantage of the students’ sense of honour in stimulating them to practice harder. Teacher Wu, have you already decided the representatives you are going to bring into this tournament?”

“Yes, I’ve thought about it.”

When Wu Zhangkong returned to his class, the task of running laps had been completed.

“Gather here!”

The students of class five came to him in the middle of the field like an army of seasoned troops.

“We will end today’s morning training here. You’re dismissed. Gu Yue, please stay.”

It finally ended! What bliss!

Almost instantaneously, all the students made a dash for their dorms; they finally had time to rest.

Because of the training, Gu Yue’s little face looked redder than before.

“I’m Wu Zhangkong, the teacher in charge of your class. This is the key to your dorm, and these are your uniform and your textbooks. From today onwards, you are officially a member of class five.”

“Thank you Teacher Wu.” Gu Yue collected the items from Wu Zhangkong.

“En, Get some rest. We will continue our class in the afternoon.”

Xie Xie pulled Tang Wulin quickly towards the dorm.

“Why are you so rushed? What have you got to say, come out with it.” The reason Xie Xie rushed Tang Wulin towards their dorm a moment ago was obviously because he had something to say.

“Rest assured. I’m not asking for another fight.” Xie Xie rolled his eyes. “This is because I have good intentions towards your well-being. Have you seen that Gu Yue? Don’t get too close to her.”

Tang Wulin asked, in doubt, “How am I close to her? Weren’t we being introduced to her just a few moments ago?”

Xie Xie snorted, “Seeing that you were happily chatting with her just now, have you been smitten by her? Teacher Wu had mentioned that the Class Promotion match would require two participants at least. Previously it was us, but now that she’s here, do you think you will stand a chance against her?”

Tang Wulin shook his head, “Obviously not. I’ll let her participate in it then.

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