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Chapter 43 – Second Rank

Harmonizing was when the blacksmith builds on a resonance with the piece of metal he was crafting, until it reaches a state of fusion between both. It was in this state that the chance of producing an excellent product became higher. Every single work of forging contained both the blacksmith’s feelings as well as their ideals.

Mu Chen didn’t enter the forging chamber because he couldn’t, even as the President. Nobody was allowed into the chamber when during a blacksmith’s ranking test. Entering might falter the blacksmith’s concentration, thus resulting in their failure or even casting a shadow on them.

How interesting!

Mu Chen once again returned to the front desk asked the staff, “What is the name of the examinee in room three?”

The staff, upon his inquiry, checked through the list and answered almost immediately. “The examinee’s name is Tang Wulin. He was recommended here by Grandmaster Cen Yue. He is currently being tested.”

As he spoke, he passed Mu Chen a copy of Tang Wulin’s forms.

When Cen Yue’s name was mentioned, he smiled. “I say, who else other than someone recommended from Old Cen would be able to enter a state of harmonization in the midst of an examination? Ah! Nine years old?”

With an expression of disbelief, he turned his eyes towards the staff. “Are you sure this isn’t a mistake of some sort? This examinee is only nine years old?”

The staff confirmed immediately. “That’s right. We had doubts about it previously too. I couldn’t believe that a child that young would come for a ranking test.”

Mu Chen was stupefied. ‘For a child his age, he must be taking the first rank blacksmith’s test?’

Beep beep! Mu Chen removed the soul communicator from his waist belt and answered the call.

“Daddy, I’m ready. Are you coming? I’m in room six.”

“I’ll be there shortly.”

Though he still had doubts, it didn’t matter as much as his daughter. Mu Chen quickened his steps towards room six.

“Time’s up!” The surveyor announced in a weird-sounding voice.

Dang! Tang Wulin finished off his last hammer strike and retracted both his hammers. With a flash of light, his pair of hammers vanished into his Heavy Silver Rings.

His chest rose and fell gently. Tang Wulin seemed to be slightly short of breath, his cheeks scarlet with a blush, and sweat was glistening from his forehead. But that was all.

The forging room was once again silent, albeit only for a short time. While the surveyor had her attention on the piece of Heavy Silver, Cen Yue directed his gaze to Tang Wulin’s eyes.

In Tang Wulin’s eyes, Cen Yue thought he caught a hint of a glimmering silverish light that had been emitted from the Heavy Silver. Though the forging process had ended, Tang Wulin’s focus was still in its initial stage. He believed that the child would one day grow up to become a peerless individual should he stay on the path.

“Heavy Silver. Purification exceeding Hundred Refinemen

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