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Chapter 53 – Hammering Through the Stone Prison

As he watched Han Lan, Tang Wulin’s expression grew serene. Having observed Han Lan’s previous two battles, he had already come up with a plan for her.

A white ring twinkled beneath Han Lan’s feet before a spirit soul that looked like a lump of dirt appeared. She didn’t hesitate at all as she held up both her palms in Tang Wulin’s direction.

In response, a yellow ring of earth appeared under Tang Wulin’s feet. Stone pillars arose from the yellow ring in a flash, entrapping Tang Wulin inside a stone prison.

If it had been Xie Xie in this situation, he would have likely rushed out of the stone prison’s range as soon as Han Lan had raised her hands. However, Tang Wulin clearly didn’t possess such speed, so he hadn’t bothered moving at all.

At the peak, the stone pillars curved inwards, completely sealing off all avenues of escape.

Han Lan had won her previous two matches by controlling the earth in order to contain her opponents. Although her first soul skill was only a ten year one, it was unusually powerful as it was able to directly restrain her opponents. However, it was still a ten year soul skill and its restrictions were not small. For example, after using this soul skill, there was a cooldown period of 20 seconds before she could use it again.

If this were a true battlefield, she would’ve likely only had one chance to use this skill.

Wu Zhangkong began counting down the seconds that Tang Wulin was trapped. If he reached ten seconds, then it would count as Tang Wulin’s loss.

Han Lan had won her first match with the same method. In the second match, however, she’d won even sooner. Her opponent had tried to rush out of the stone prison’s range as soon as the match started, but the creation of the stone prison was simply too fast. Just as he had approached the outer range of the stone prison, he’d been directly sent soaring by the top of a stone pillar. If Wu Zhangkong hadn’t caught him, he might’ve been crippled by the fall.

Tang Wulin didn’t want to challenge the prison at the risk of being thrown to such a height, so he decided to remain stationary and let it entrap him.

“Ten…” Wu Zhangkong began to expressionlessly count down the seconds. After the first match had ended, Wu Zhangkong had said that being trapped by a Control System Battle Soul Master for more than ten seconds was no different than death. Thus, he gave them a ten second time limit. If he was able to break out of Han Lan’s trap within ten seconds, then it would count as Han Lan’s loss. If he wasn’t able to break out, then Han Lan would win. It was just this simple and rough.

Tang Wulin wasn’t the least bit anxious as he unhurriedly raised his arms. Two gray lights flashed, then a pair of forging hammers appeared in his hands.



He swung the Thousand Refined Tungsten Hammers in his hands and brazenly smashed the two stone pillars in front of him. Dust flew ou

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