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Chapter144 - Ice Staff Siblings

Tang Wulin was unaware that his current thoughts and ideas were laying a foundation for his future. A path never traveled before was quietly opening before him thanks to the power of the Golden Dragon King.

“Careful!” Xie Xie’s warning jolted Tang Wulin out of his exciting train of thought. He instinctively responded by activating his Bind skill to send out a mass of Bluesilver Grass at the lean leopard in front of him.

Xie Xie reacted in a flash, his Light Dragon Blade streaking across the sky and slashing the ten-year soul beast.

“Sorry everyone, my mind was wandering just now,” Tang Wulin bluntly apologized while a cold shiver ran down his spine. This is still the spirit ascension platform. Instead of being preoccupied by my ideas, I must focus on absorbing the remaining energy here. That should be my main goal for now.

Zhang Yangzi gently chuckled. “My mind was wandering just now, too. After all, the events just now changed the way we think about the spirit ascension platform. In any case, our harvest this time is already quite good. Even if we’re to be eliminated, it’ll still be fine.”

Tang Wulin sternly said, “Don’t think like that. Since we’ve been blessed with luck this time, we have to do our best to secure the opportunity and not let it slip away! Otherwise, we’d be letting down the expectations of the Heavens. Everyone, let’s all do our best.”

He’d prepared these words to say at the moment of their departure. With their distracting thoughts dispelled, Tang Wulin took the lead once again, ready to intercept any potential dangers.

Soon, a roar announced the presence of a monstrous, six-armed python ahead of them.

“A hundred-year Six-armed Fire Snake. Everyone, be careful,” Tang Wulin grimly ordered.

Suddenly, a bright, white light flashed from far ahead of them and heavily wounded the Six-armed Fire Snake. A bizarre ice wheel fluttered in the breeze, its points dripping with the blood of the soul beast. Although the Six-armed Fire Snake couldn’t be considered a powerful soul beast, especially with regards to its defense, it was still shocking that it had been cut up so easily and quickly by that ice wheel.

A figure with three soul rings underfoot appeared before them, quickly absorbing the spirit energy of the fallen Six-armed Fire Snake.

It was a youth, about seventeen or eighteen years old. Two yellow soul rings and one purple soul ring coiled around his body, identifying him as a Soul Elder. In his right hand, he held a snow white staff which was topped by an icy, blue crystal. His expression was cold and arrogant, and the yellow aura around him was similar to that of the five students of class zero.


The five teammates could already tell how powerful this Soul Elder was just by his aura.

Not only that, he actually wasn’t alone!

A girl seemingly around the same age as Tang Wulin’s group popped her head out from behi

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