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Chapter163 - The Melancholic Prince Charming

The pre-federation Sun Moon Empire later annexed the Heaven Dou Empire and turned Heaven Dou City into an ordinary city. Tang Wulin clearly remembered, however, that the city was founded on a splendid location. It was right beside the legendary Great Star Dou Forest—which teemed with soul beasts—and was fairly close to the great Shrek City, said to be the very core of the Douluo Continent.

I wonder when I’ll be able to visit Shrek City and Great Star Dou Forest. What will it be like?

Heaven Dou City was completely different from Eastsea City. Tang Wulin had thought Heaven Dou City would have taller and more developed buildings, but only when he saw Heaven Dou City did he realise that it was his own imagination.

His initial impression of the city was that it was simple and plain.

That was right, simple and plain!

The city was filled with old era-styled buildings, but what was most surprising was that not a single skyscraper could be seen. The tallest thing in his line of sight were actually some towering ancient trees.

“Teacher Wu, why aren’t there any skyscrapers here?” Tang Wulin quietly inquired.

Wu Zhangkong explained, “Heaven Dou City is a historical city; in order to preserve its historical value, the city imposed regulations that buildings were not to surpass fifty meters in height and were, at most, ten stories high. These regulations are the reason why you will see plenty of ancient trees taller than fifty meters rather than skyscrapers.”

“A lot of history fanatics love this city and come here as tourists. This city is filled with culture and was actually where the Tang Sect was first founded. Even now, there is an important branch of the Tang Sect situated here.”

Tang Wulin’s curiosity was piqued. “Then what about the Tang Sect’s headquarters? Where is it?”

Wu Zhangkong gave him a sharp glance. “The headquarters? It’s in Shrek City of course.”

“Oh.” It suddenly struck Tang Wulin. That’s right! The Tang Sect is powerful, so its headquarters has to be in a super city like Shrek City!

“Teacher Wu, what are we doing in Heaven Dou City then?” Tang Wulin’s interest had only grown with this newfound knowledge.

Wu Zhangkong answered with indifference, “I’m here to see a friend. After that, I’ll bring you to a few places. Let’s get going.”

The duo didn’t board another vehicle, opting to roam the historical streets of Heaven Dou City. The weather in Heaven Dou City was pleasantly warm and slightly humid. Coupled with the abundance of plant life, the air was exceptionally refreshing.

It only took a few minutes for Tang Wulin to develop a liking for the city. Walking along these streets was a type of enjoyment.

“Wow! Teacher Wu, what’s that over there? It smells so nice!” Tang Wulin bounced with excitement as he pointed toward a fragrant shop.

At a loss, Wu Zhangkong could only doubtfully ask, “You can still eat?”

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