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Chapter148 - Full Marks and 99 Points

“Hurry! Quickly go save him! Does this child not recognize the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear? Why didn’t he hit the ejection button!”

An anxious voice echoed in Tang Wulin’s mind as he gradually regained consciousness, the icy numbness fading from his body at the same time.

A metallic friction sound rang out and in the next moment, light filled his eyes.

I’m back. I’m fine. Those were Tang Wulin’s first thoughts, but then he noticed something strange about his state. Why do I feel fine?

His body had been shredded into pieces so he should be experiencing strong residual effects, and yet, he didn’t feel anything in particular.

“How are you doing?” Wu Zhangkong’s face appeared above the metal box.

Staff members also came over, prodding Tang Wulin’s body with a sort of popsicle-looking thing. “Are you conscious? Do you feel cold?”

“Yes,” Tang Wulin answered.

“He’s awake and has feeling. This is odd! He recovered this quickly?”

Tang Wulin grabbed the edge of the metal box and slowly pulled himself up.

A burst of weakness struck his brain, as if his mind had tired. Apart from this, everything else felt normal for him.

“Teacher, I’m fine.” After confirming that his body had no abnormalities, Tang Wulin got out of the metal box.

Wang Jinxi, Zhang Yangzi and Gu Yue were waiting at the side. Standing right beside his box, Gu Yue only let out a breath of relief when she saw Tang Wulin sit up.

However, the box next to his was bustling with people.

Xie Xie, that’s Xie Xie’s box.

Xie Xie should be fine, right?

Tang Wulin anxiously asked, “How is Xie Xie’s state right now?”

Wu Zhangkong said, “He managed to avoid having his head destroyed at the final moment, but the spiritual backlash for the rest of his body is still great. He’s currently unconscious, but he should wake up after resting a bit. Oh, he’s conscious.”

A long sigh of relief escaped from Tang Wulin after hearing that Xie Xie was awake. The most important thing after exiting the spirit ascension platform was waking up. As long as one was able to wake up, the body would be able to slowly recover. After all, they hadn’t truly sustained any injuries.

Tang Wulin quickly reached Xie Xie’s box and peered inside. Xie Xie’s complexion was pale and his body was twitching. Abnormal twitching of the body was a typical residual effect from dying in the spirit ascension platform.

Twitching is normal after dying in there, but there aren’t any effects in my body at all. Why aren’t I twitching too?

Tang Wulin wasn’t the only person thinking of this question. Within Wu Zhangkong’s heart, he was asking himself the exact same question. It was obvious, however, that Tang Wulin was unable to answer this question.

“As long as everybody is fine, then that’s good.” Wu Zhangkong dully said.

“Wulin, thank you.” Xie Xie’s weak voice called out from the metal box.

“Huh? Wha

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