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Chapter165 - Branchmaster Zhao of the Tang Sect

How mystical!

Though he couldn’t feel a change in his spiritual power, there was an apparent change in the clarity of his eyesight. This really is an extraordinary eye cultivation method! It really deserves to be one of the Tang Sect’s secret methods.

The purple qi disappeared as quickly as it came. It truly was an ephemeral existence.

Wu Zhangkong had stood behind Tang Wulin, patiently guiding Tang Wulin’s soul power according to the Purple Demon Eyes method til the end.

The horizon shone with a halo of light as the sun vanquished the darkness with its slow ascension to its zenith. With dawn’s brief moment of twilight gone, Wu Zhangkong removed his hands and let Tang Wulin absorb the secrets of the method completely.

“Done. From now on draw the purple qi into your eyes every morning and immediately cultivate for half an hour. Cultivating the Purple Demon Eyes will take time and constant practice to reach a high level. You will progress rapidly in the beginning, but it will soon be difficult to improve and you will eventually stagnate. How do you feel now?” Wu Zhangkong said.

Tang Wulin nodded and said, “I feel warm and comfortable. I can see in greater detail than before now that my vision is clearer. The colors are more vibrant too.”

Wu Zhangkong eyes glazed over. “You really feel like that? You’re not exaggerating?”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “Nope! It really feels like that. Thank you, Teacher Wu.”

An unknown emotion clouded Wu Zhangkong’s mind. He distinctly remembered that when he had first begun cultivating the Purple Demon Eyes, it had taken him half a month to reach that stage. Could this child be compatible with the Purple Demon Eyes? This is the first time he’s cultivated it yet he has already progressed so much?

Peering into the depths of Tang Wulin’s large, bright eyes, Wu Zhangkong could only nod. “Continue practicing. If you have any questions, you can ask me. Let’s go down now.”

The two quickly washed up and ate breakfast.

Fortunately for Tang Wulin, the inn they stayed at provided buffet-style breakfast.

Even a child as cute as Tang Wulin was unwelcomed once the inn discovered his unparalleled eating prowess. This was a commonly heard tale of Tang Wulin.

“Teacher Wu, what are we doing today?” Tang Wulin asked with youthful curiosity.

Wu Zhangkong answered, “You’re staying in the room to cultivate the Purple Demon Eyes method today. This method is still beneficial to your spiritual power even without purple qi to enhance your eyesight.”

“Oh. Okay.” Tang Wulin deflated. He had wanted to go out and see the city with Wu Zhangkong but was tasked with cultivating inside the room.

Tang Wulin never imagined that this continued for half a month.

Every day in the early morning Wu Zhangkong would observe him cultivate the Purple Demon Eyes, provide guidance when necessary, then head out alone to take

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