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Chapter150 -The Xu Clan's Siblings

“The seals will break on their own? They can do that?” Tang Wulin doubtfully asked.

Old Tang said, “Of course. If you grow old enough or accidentally run into something that purifies the Golden Dragon King’s essence, then there’s a chance that a seal might break forcefully. Should that happen, you’ll be faced with great danger. More importantly, the latter seals will become even firmer. Basically, the more seals you break by yourself, the lower the chances are that the following seals will break automatically and endanger your life. It would be best you if they never break by themselves, otherwise…”

Old Tang didn’t finish his sentence, but the grim tone in his voice made his meaning clear.

“Thank you, Old Tang. I’ll definitely do my best! My goal now is to first evolve my spirit soul to the thousand-year level!”

“That’s right. Do your best.”


“You all scored highly on yesterday’s exam, and this can be attributed to each of you doing exactly what was necessary. It seems that the last three months haven’t been a waste after all. At the very least, you are now a functional team.” Strangely enough, although Wu Zhangkong was clearly praising his students, his voice was still as icy as ever. The five students were doubting whether they should be happy or ashamed.

“Tang Wulin, your control has obviously made much progress. Good work, and continue to do your best. Unfortunately, every one of you has absorbed too much spirit energy yesterday, so once the final exam period is over, we’ll run some tests again and figure out just how much more spirit energy your bodies can bear. Keep in mind that it is absolutely crucial that you do not absorb energy beyond your limits.”

Based on his initial observations, Wu Zhangkong proceeded to summarize the battles from the previous day and gave them his assessment.

The five students couldn’t help but beam proudly as he talked about the rebellion spirit ascension platform, especially when he mentioned the Man-Faced Demon Spider. A sort of wonderfully unfathomable feeling still lingered in their hearts at the thought of that battle.

Although Gu Yue had not yet broken through to two rings at the time of that battle, her tactics had been absolutely perfect.

“Tang Wulin, I have a question for you. Was it part of your plan to use the Man-Faced Demon Spider’s toxic webs after its death to kill even more soul beasts?” Wu Zhangkong’s burning gaze bore into Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin ardently shook his head. “I was thinking that if I let it spin its web, then it would lower its guard and we would be able to use the webs as a protective barrier after it died. I’d never imagined that the webs would actually kill so many soul beasts for us, letting us absorb so much spirit energy.”

Wu Zhangkong gave a slight nod. “While your coordination control was exceptional, you must keep in mind that the essence of a Control System Soul Master

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