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Chapter156 - Eastsea's Little Zhangkong

The park was enormous, so it was only after half an hour did Wu Zhangkong lead them to a smaller park within the park.

They were greeted with a wide expanse of greenery. There was a small building in the center, tiny in comparison to the other buildings they had seen on the way there. Along with the vast emptiness that surrounded it, the scene looked disproportionate.

When they reached the building, the students were surprised to see that it didn’t have a name plaque. They couldn’t make heads or tails of just what this place was. Is the second part of the exam really being conducted here?

The building was dark blue, and its walls shimmered like a mirror, each wall seemingly cut from a block of glass. There was a bizarre sense of beauty to this reflective-like quality. Every angle refracted the light in a different way. It was breathtaking.

No one guarded the dark blue double doors that were also made of glass. Wu Zhangkong walked up and pressed onto the glass.

A blue light suddenly appeared. It projected an image that was accompanied by an amused voice. “Oh, long time no see! It’s Eastsea’s Little Zhangkong!”

Wu Zhangkong coldly said, “Open the doors.”

The voice answered back willy-nilly, “You’re still so boring.”

With a crisp ring, the doors wordlessly opened up.

Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Gu Yue stood there dumbfounded. Eastsea’s Little Zhangkong? What in the devil?

Zhangkong is Teacher Wu’s name, and ‘Eastsea’ should be referring to Eastsea City right? But… this way of calling him is just… Ahem.

Entering the door, they saw the same dark blue walls, but there was now a shining white floor and gentle fluorescent lights overhead. They came together to paint a scene of calm and order, further emphasizing the lack of people. A circular metal platform holding three metal wristbands hovered over.

“Put them on,” instructed Wu Zhangkong.

Xie Xie curiously asked, “Teacher Wu, what does it do?”

Wu Zhangkong answered back, “It’s to identify you. If you wear it, you won’t be considered an enemy by the defense systems here.”

Xie Xie gasped. “So high-tech!”

Without wasting any more words, Wu Zhangkong lead the trio over to another dark blue glass door. A bright blue light swept out once more, but without the voice this time. After scanning them and taking note of their wristbands, it quieted down.

Past the door was a long tunnel with several bends in it. As Wu Zhangkong lead them through the tunnel, he passed through another glass door and disappeared in a flash of light.

Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Gu Yue instinctively stopped. This is...

“Spatial technology?” Xie Xie exclaimed. He had been born to a large clan so it was only natural that he had a deep understanding of just how advanced the continent’s technology was now. He clearly remembered that spatial technology was still in its development stage, and was far from being i

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