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Chapter139 -Reencounter with the Man-Faced Demon Spider

“Captain, should we take the initiative to attack?” Zhang Yangzi asked Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin calmly replied, “There’s no need to be anxious, we’ll see after one hour passes. All we need to do in this first hour is survive.”

Just then, Zhang Yangzi suddenly paled and his body swaying in shock. “Not good, Little Black…”

The five of them simultaneously looked up to see a yellow-green net descending from the sky.

At the same time, they were faced with the shocking scene of Little Black being impaled by numerous limbs. He immediately disintegrated. When a Soul Master’s spirit soul was killed, they would suffer from recoil and it would take them a very long time to restore their spirit soul. In a flash, Zhang Yangzi’s cultivation dropped by a third.

A violent gale appeared within the formation of the five students. Gu Yue was the quickest one to react with her immense spiritual power.

Yet, against all expectations, that yellow-green net didn’t even sway in the face of her fierce gale and directly cutting through it.

“Retreat!” Tang Wulin decisively ordered as dozens of strands of Bluesilver Grass shot up to obstruct the net. However, Tang Wulin was aghast to see that the moment his Bluesilver Grass touched the net, it started smoking from corrosion.

If Little Black hadn’t been flying up in the sky, the net would have ambushed and trapped them. It was likely their trials in the rebellion spirit ascension platform would have been cut short there.

A massive figure descended from the sky after Little Black’s figure disintegrated completely. Eight long legs were extended like eight spears, surrounding the five.

The five of them took advantage of the few seconds the Bluesilver Grass bought them to escape the range of the net. In their rush to escape, however, their formation had been broken.

Apart from Zhang Yangzi being deathly pale, Wang Jinxi also started trembling once he saw that beast.

Black and white lines ran along a body as large as a millstone. Every single one of its legs were over two meters in length, while its body emitted a strange splendor. They had clearly seen a beautiful human face on its abdomen when it had descended, which only served to increase their fear.

“Man-Faced Demon Spider!” The five of them shouted in unison.

That was right! It was the same Man-Faced Demon Spider that had nearly destroyed Wang Jinxi’s mind. Wang Jinxi could even sense that this was the same one that had ambushed him before.

Even with Little Black’s extra vision, it hadn’t been able to discover this Man-Faced Demon Spider and had been swiftly killed. The Man-Faced Demon Spider truly was a terrifying killer in the world of soul beasts.

Gu Yue shot out a fireball which exploded on the face of the Man-Faced Demon Spider while the others quickly assembled.

Tang Wulin’s heart sank. It’s a hundred-year Man-Faced Demon Spid

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