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Chapter141 - True Control

The Man-Faced Demon Spider’s giant body shuddered as yellow-green blood continuously gushed from its abdomen. It wanted to attack, to shoot some spider threads, but they only flew a few meters before hitting the ground. They were completely unsuitable to use as an attack now.

It continually struggled like this as it grew weaker by the minute. Simultaneously, a yellow light shot out from the Curtain of Darkness.

The darkness gradually vanished while the yellow light lingered on the pale-faced Tang Wulin. His arm had already transformed back to its normal human form, with only golden scales covering it now. Thanks to those scales, he hadn’t suffered any corrosion from the Man-Faced Demon Spider’s blood.

Hundred-year Man-Faced Demon Spider, killed!

Xie Xie had already been pulled back awhile ago, so the five of them stood there, exchanging looks of astonishment from prevailing over such a calamity. Wang Jinxi couldn’t help but embrace Tang Wulin with an ardent expression that overflowed with passion.

This battle had fully displayed the team’s ability and was the culmination of the knowledge and experience they had gained. In the end, the formidable Man-Faced Demon Spider had died by their hands!

From start to finish, there had been no room for luck. They had claimed this victory purely with their own strength.

Even as they blatantly stared at the corpse of the Man-Faced Demon Spider that was a few meters away from them, they still couldn’t believe that they had succeeded. Tang Wulin was the most surprised of them all; he had been prepared to sacrifice himself in their plan, yet they had actually achieved victory.

If his Golden Dragon Claw had been unable to resist the toxins, or if Gu Yue’s ice had been incapable of shielding him from the corrosion of the spider’s blood, he would have died.

Fortunately, the two of them were able to give a perfect performance. His Golden Dragon Claw proved its might once again with its immunity to the toxin’s corrosion, while Gu Yue’s control of ice had been able to isolate the toxic blood for a few moments. These two elements had combined to give him enough time to break away from the corpse and toxins.

Every single moment of their battle had been ridden with extreme danger.


The Spirit Pagoda staff member stared at the screen dumbstruck. He was completely speechless.

Just how perfect were their tactics!? That was actually a hundred-year Man-Faced Demon Spider that even four or five ring Soul Masters would avoid! They wouldn’t even dare to engage it without thorough planning. Yet, this group of kids, who at most have two rings, actually performed a miracle and defeated the Man-Faced Demon Spider! This is unbelievable!

Even Wu Zhangkong was a bit shaken by this. A smile had actually appeared on his ice-cold face.

“He meets the requirements of a Control System Soul Master,” he quietly muttered under his breath.

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