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Chapter143 - Another Chance at Spirit Ascension

Tang Wulin swept his gaze over the spider webs in his surroundings and sure enough, they were beginning to weaken. There were even some cracks visible in the webs now. Although the Man-Faced Demon Spider was extremely toxic, there was still a limit to its toxicity. Once the protection of the webs disappeared, they would no longer be safe to rest in this spot as after all, they, too, were afraid of the toxic spider webs!

Tang Wulin asked, “How much spirit energy do you all think we’ve absorbed?”

Gu Yue frowned. “We all should have absorbed four to five hundred years worth of spirit energy. You and I have it all concentrated in our single soul ring, while the others have increased each of their two soul rings by about two hundred years. There should also still be about one or two hundred years worth of spirit energy in our surroundings, but it’ll take us too long to absorb it. We’ll need to be especially careful of other Soul Masters after we depart. They’re a much greater threat to us now than soul beasts.”

Gu Yue’s deduction was correct. A thick air of spirit energy currently hung around their bodies, and if another party of Soul Masters saw them, they might immediately be targeted. After all, there were no true deaths in the spirit ascension platform, and who wouldn’t want to absorb such rich spirit energy?

Tang Wulin responded with a calm smile, “Take it easy. In one move, we’ve already passed our final exam and absorbed far more spirit energy than usual. Even if we encounter a powerful foe and get ejected from the spirit ascension platform, that’s okay, too. Everyone’s recovered now, right? Let’s go then.”

Tang Wulin’s words had injected vigor into everyone’s minds. He took out his hammers once more and reminded his comrades, “Everyone, pay attention to how much your spirit soul can bear. If you feel like you’re approaching the limits of how much it can absorb, then immediately press the button to exit the spirit ascension platform. Don’t be greedy, or else your body or your spiritual power might collapse, and then you’ll really be in trouble.”

Although he himself was beginning to feel a bit bloated, he hadn’t reached the limits yet. According to Gu Yue’s assessment, he should still be able to absorb a lot more spirit energy, so he didn’t have to worry about it for now.

After all, the strength of his body and spiritual power was directly related to how strong of a spirit soul he could support. There was no need to even speak of his body’s strength and his spiritual power growth rate. They were both outstanding, allowing him to already reach the Spirit Connection realm, so he certainly had the capabilities to bear a single thousand-year spirit soul.

A thousand-year spirit soul… Would he truly be able to walk this path?

Tang Wulin led his team out, carefully avoiding the toxic webs. They left their miraculous, safe heaven and once again returned to

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