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Chapter145 - The Powerful Gu Yue

A green tornado gradually whipped up as Gu Yue waved her hands in a mystical rhythm mid-air. Its viciousness increased as numerous icicles flew inside

The youth wielding an ice staff thought he was going to lose his mind. He simply couldn’t figure out what this lady’s martial soul was. If he said that her martial soul was of the ice attribute, then what was with that bright light? And then, what about this current tornado…

As the icicles merged with the tornado, Gu Yue’s aura grew at an insane rate. Even though the youth was a fair distance away from her, he could sense just how crazy this soul skill of hers was. It’s a dual attribute soul skill. So powerful!

His second soul skill receded as his purple soul ring lit up.

Tang Wulin’s group watched the battle raptly. A thousand-year soul skill!

They had never witnessed the might of a thousand-year soul skill before. Furthermore, a thousand-year soul skill was already considered high-end in the current era of Soul Masters. As for ten-thousand-year soul rings… Tang Wulin had only ever seen the one Wu Zhangkong had.

Extremely pure ice energy erupted from the peak of the ice staff, slowly coalescing into a spear.

Fury of Ice! A powerful soul skill attack!

The ice spear grew to two meters in length. Faint magic patterns shone in its shaft. The students of class zero could instinctively sense its power just by looking at it. They were certain that none of them could survive a single strike from that spear.

This thousand-year soul skill is so powerful!

“There’s still time for all of you to voluntarily withdraw,” the youth said to Gu Yue. His expression wasn’t as cold as before. In his eyes, the fact that Gu Yue was able to release such powerful elemental waves despite only having two rings made her worthy of praise. Although he had always been prideful, he now felt a bit of pity for her.

The corners of Gu Yue’s lips curled. It wasn’t a smile, as only one side of her mouth curled up. It was clearly a derisive smirk.

The youth’s eyes dulled with frost as he pointed his staff at Gu Yue once again. The ice spear shot forward in a flash, piercing toward Gu Yue like lightning.

But in that split second, the icicle tornado in front of Gu Yue crumbled apart and she disappeared in a flash of silver.

Space attribute soul skill? Is it that legendary teleportation skill, the godly skill that can evade the lock-on of another soul skill? How can this be!?

Countless possibilities flashed through the youth’s mind in a single moment. His Fury of Ice had already flown off into the forest and disappeared.

“Big brother, what’s that above us?” The young girl beside him suddenly pointed at the sky.

The youth looked up. He stared, dumbstruck, at the sight of brilliant fireworks raining down upon them from the sky.

Even though his soul power had reached rank 35 and he was the strongest amongst his peers, it

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