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Chapter168 - Intermediate Spirit Ascension Platform

Wu Zhangkong said, “There are unnatural existences too. Some large clans or sects use heavenly treasures or unique methods to stimulate their disciples’ bodies. With stronger bodies, they are able to contain more powerful soul rings and spirit souls, but this isn’t done normally. Only in rare situations where the disciple far excels in one aspect will such a method be considered. Take Gu Yue for example. With her high spiritual power, she only needs to strengthen her body before she’d be able to upgrade her spirit soul as you did. Unfortunately, with two soul rings, it would be too difficult for her to strengthen her body to the necessary level now. This is the key point that allows one to possess a pair of thousand-year soul rings and a thousand-year spirit soul. Though Gu Yue’s physique has strengthened with the addition of another soul ring, it only serves to amplify the areas she already excels in and widens the gap between her existing weaknesses. It truly is a pity. If her situation was better, I would help her regardless of whether or not she joined the Tang Sect.

“Currently, your current greatest advantage is in your soul power, which has, by nature grown inversely proportional to your physique and spiritual power. In such a situation you are able to evolve your spirit soul further than your peers without resorting to unnatural methods, which will free you from any future side effects. That’s not all though; through this, you’ll be able to lay a firmer foundation, so it is absolutely crucial to your future that you do not waste this opportunity.

“To aid you in evolving your spirit soul as quickly and as safely as possible, I’ll enter the spirit ascension platform together with you. Before we can do this, I’ll need to obtain two intermediate spirit ascension entry cards since only those with seven rings and under can enter. The soul beasts will be more vicious and harder to deal with in the intermediate level, but that also means their year levels will be higher—about the same as the ones in the Great Star Dou Forest. With my help, it shouldn’t take too long to gather enough spiritual energy.”

Intermediate spirit ascension platform?

Puzzled, Tang Wulin asked, “But Teacher Wu, can I really enter the intermediate level with only one soul ring?”

Wu Zhangkong assured, “There are no minimum rank requirements. As long as you have the necessary entry card, you’ll be able to enter even an advanced spirit ascension platform. In fact, the Spirit Pagoda actually wishes to see weaker entrants—quicker deaths mean fewer resources expended. And it’s actually very common for large clans to escort the younger generation in like I am. The difference, however, is that their charges usually lack the necessary physique or spiritual power to fully take advantage of it, quickly reaching their limits at the hundred-year level.

“Since the advent of spirit souls, it wasn’t body str

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