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Chapter149 - It's Possible In Theory

Wu Zhangkong said, “You’re still young and there are some things you needn’t know about just yet. As long as you remember my words, you’ll be fine. The Spirit Pagoda doesn’t think the same way you do. They possess so much power that even the Federation is afraid of them. Moreover, the Spirit Pagoda spans across to other continents too.”

Tang Wulin was stunned. Other continents? The Star Luo Continent and the Heaven Dou Continent?

“Teacher, have you ever been to the other two continents? Do you know what’s different about them?” Tang Wulin curiously asked.

Wu Zhangkong calmly answered, “There are many different kinds of places in this world, and you’ll know what they are like when you visit them in the future, but for now, you shouldn’t be thinking about that. Now tell me, what did you feel in the spirit ascension platform today?”

Seeing that Wu Zhangkong didn’t wish to talk about the other two continents, Tang Wulin wisely chose to drop the topic and quickly began explaining his thoughts.

“Teacher Wu, after absorbing all that spirit energy today, I realized that it’ll be extremely hard for my teammates with two soul rings to evolve their spirit souls. In fact, it’s practically impossible for them to evolve them to the thousand-year level since the spirit energy is split between their two rings evenly. Even if they did evolve their spirit souls to the thousand-year level, their bodies wouldn’t be able to bear two thousand-year soul rings, not to mention that neither Wang Jinxi’s nor Zhang Yangzi’s spiritual power is strong enough to handle a single thousand-year spirit soul yet. Isn’t this the reason it’s so hard for Soul Masters to evolve their spirit souls in the spirit ascension platform?”

Wu Zhangkong nodded. “The fact that you’ve arrived at this conclusion shows just how seriously you have been thinking about this. Not bad. Even if you had enough resources to enter the spirit ascension platform more times, there is still a limit to what your body can handle. In the end, your chances of success would still be tiny. What you really should be considering isn’t that.”

“Mn.” Tang Wulin nodded in understanding. “I think my situation is actually a bit special. My body is stronger than an ordinary Soul Master’s so I’m actually able to support a thousand-year soul ring despite only having one ring. I’m not restricted to an up to four-hundred-years ring like other one-ring Soul Masters. My spiritual power is also at the Spirit Connection realm, so if I absorb enough spirit energy, I should be able to gain a thousand-year spirit soul, right?”

For a moment, a glimmer of surprise twinkled in Wu Zhangkong’s eyes before he nodded and said, “It’s possible in theory, but you will have to absorb enough spirit energy to evolve your spirit soul before you gain a second soul ring. Moreover, your body will need to be able to bear two thousand-year soul rings when it comes time for y

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