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Chapter136 - Thousand Refined Cloud TitaniumVests

After returning to the dormitory, Tang Wulin didn’t return to his room first. Instead, he knocked on someone else’s door.

“You’re back. What’s up?” After Xie Xie opened the door and saw Tang Wulin, he said these words somewhat discontentedly. He hadn’t seen anyone around these last few days so he had no one to go out and play with. In the end, he could only cultivate in boredom.

“Come over to my room. I have something to tell everyone.” Tang Wulin waved, then proceeded to the next room.

It was already late into the evening and everyone had just returned from dinner, so they were all resting in their rooms. It didn’t take long for Tang Wulin to round them up and assemble them in his room.

“Mr. Captain, what did you call us all here for?” Zhang Yangzi said in a teasing manner.

Tang Wulin said, “I have something to give all of you. Here, try it on and tell me if I need to adjust it.” As he spoke, a pile of metal objects poured out of his storage ring. He then proceeded to distribute them.

“This is…” When they saw the items that Tang Wulin handed out, everyone was shocked.

They were vests, vests forged from metal. This metal vest was made from numerous thumb-sized silver metal disks linked together in an ingenious manner to form a chainmail.

What was even more astonishing was how flexible and light the vest was. It was made in the style of chainmail, and if one inspected it closely, they would discover faint cloud patterns sprawling across the pieces of metal, exuding an exotic aura.

“It’s so light. What is it made of?” Zhang Yangzi curiously asked.

Tang Wulin said, “It’s made from an uncommon metal called Cloud Titanium. I used the Thousand Refinements to purify it then forged chainmail from it. Although it’s light, it’s still extremely tough. When we enter the spirit ascension platform, we’re scanned and everything on our person will be brought inside, so if we wear this vest when we enter, we’ll be able to use it inside and it’ll increase our chances of survival.

Wang Jinxi spoke slowly. “Is this considered cheating...?”

Zhang Yangzi said craftily, “How could this be considered cheating? We’re just taking advantage of the rebellion spirit ascension platform to improve ourselves.”

“Although it doesn’t fit perfectly, it doesn’t hinder my movements either. It doesn’t encumber my agile movements. Jinxi, try punching it.” Zhang Yangzi said eagerly.

“Okay.” Wang Jinxi punched straight at Zhang Yangzi’s stomach.

With a ‘bang’, Zhang Yangzi was knocked onto his butt.

“Ouch, you should have taken it easier!” Zhang Yangzi complained.

Wang Jinxi cooly said, “What use is there in going easy? Captain really made these well. When I hit it, it felt as if I was striking solid armor or an iron panel. Technically, you were only pushed over by my force, you weren’t knocked down.”

Zhang Yangzi got up and rubbed his stomach. T

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