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Chapter140 - Team Battle Against the Demon Spider

“Mn! Wait for a chance.” Tang Wulin sternly ordered. From below his feet, strands of Bluesilver Grass arranged themselves into a formation as he continuously supplied them with soulpower. The Man-Faced Demon Spider is giving us a chance, how could he not take it?

Gu Yue silently sat cross-legged in the middle, meditating to restore her soul power. Wang Jinxi stood next to Zhang Yangzi, trembling with excitement. The two were prepared to use their fusion skill at any moment.

Coordination didn’t matter anymore in the face of the Man-Faced Demon Spider. What was important, however, was whether they had the power to defeat it.

Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Claw possessed immense power, but the problem was he didn’t know how to approach this gigantic poisonous spider.

“Xie Xie, if I’m unable to break free, then you’ll be the acting captain.” Tang Wulin warned Xie Xie.

Considering the toxicity of the Man-Faced Demon Spider, the possibility of all of them to constantly evade its attacks were small.

None of them were anxious to attack as this was their final exam. Their chances of passing were more uncertain now that they had to face the Man-Faced Demon Spider, but they still had to fight for as much time as they could get in order to pass their exam. After all, they couldn’t truly die in the spirit ascension platform. As long as they were able to persevere for one hour, they would pass their exam.

Naturally, none of them wanted to pass the exam that way.

Tang Wulin’s eyes shrunk in shock. Suddenly, he threw the hammer in his right hand straight at the Man-Faced Demon Spider. With a strand of Bluesilver Grass connected to it, it streaked through the air like a shooting star.

The Man-Faced Demon Spider’s legs powerfully launched its massive body out of the the web it had weaved.

The hammer smashed into the spider webs, stretching it backwards. The webs were too resilient and elastic though, so not only was the hammer unable to break through them, it even became glued onto the web.

Tang Wulin forcefully pulled to retrieve his hammer but the spider webs caved in and were dragged along with it. The area that the hammer touched the webs had already turned pitch-black. Fortunately, the hammers were Thousand Refined and its internal structure denser so it hadn’t been corroded just yet.

These webs… are really strong.

Tang Wulin had only thrown his hammer as a probing attack, yet he had already lost it to the webs. It seemed that the Man-Faced Demon Spider’s nimbleness and cunning was far higher than they first thought.

They all knew that it was waiting for just the right moment to pounce on them, and the moment it did, its assault would be as swift as lightning and as powerful as thunder.

The ball of webs tightened continuously around the five students and restricting their movements. Of course, there was a silver lining to their situat

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