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Chapter157 - A Formidable Opponent

After a vigorous shake of his head, Tang Wulin realized how shocking his opponent was. They both had one ring. They both only had one ring! Yet, her combat prowess was so great!

He couldn’t let himself be shaken though. Taking a moment to compose himself, Tang Wulin waved his arms in flurry, sending Bluesilver Grass shooting toward the black cauldron. For now, he wanted to try binding his opponent’s martial soul.

Falling short of his expectations, the girl didn’t mind her martial soul at all. Instead, she chose to accelerate her charge at Tang Wulin.

She wants to fight me in close quarters?

Tang Wulin sucked in a deep breath as a wave of golden scales covered his right arm. He stood there, as steady as a mountain. He could tell from their previous exchange that her attack possessed tremendous power. Other than attacking with her soul power, she also seemed to have other tricks up her sleeve. Since Tang Wulin couldn’t beat her in speed, he chose to steady his person and meet her head on.

A subset of the Bluesilver Grass Tang Wulin had shot out split apart and returned to him, assembling protectively around his body.

The girl’s figure flickered again and then disappeared without a trace. This time, however, when she reappeared, she was everywhere around him. The only thing Tang Wulin could do to resist was to lash out with the few strands of Bluesilver Grass he had, trying to stop her.

Suddenly, a phoenix’s cry pierced the air.

A flute had appeared in the girl’s hands all of a sudden. The moment the harsh note attacked Tang Wulin’s ears, he felt as if his entire world had slowed down, which was clear from the sluggishness of his Bluesilver Grass. In his sluggish state, the cauldron was easily able to escape the entrapment of the grass as it soared high into the sky before crashing into Tang Wulin.


Tang Wulin was felt a jolt which was promptly followed by numbness. He had been sent flying with greater force than before. Meanwhile, the girl had pulled apart his Bluesilver Grass defense using her jade-like hands. His defenses having been broken, the girl reached Tang Wulin in a flash before moving to attack his stomach, this time using both hands.

I’m finished!

Despite the intense threat he felt from the girl in that instant, only one thought occupied his mind. Twin martial souls. This girl has twin martial souls!

And she can even use them both at the same time! She doesn’t need to switch between them at all!

The moment her white-jade-like hands landed on his body, Tang Wulin trembled as a bizarre power rushed into him, washing away his numbness.

Tang Wulin only had enough time to sweep his right arm out in front of him.


A bone-breaking force met his right arm, leaving it in tatters. It rebounded back into his chest, pushing him back even further.

This time, however, he didn’t fly too far back. As he crashed into

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