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Chapter142 - Massacre of the Toxic Spider Web

As a side effect of exhausting his soul power, Tang Wulin felt fatigue wash over him as he sat down on the ground.

Right. That feeling of controlling everyone had left an indelibly deep impression upon his heart. This sense of satisfaction just couldn’t be gained elsewhere.

He had used little Goldlight to strengthen his Bluesilver Grass, but there were no benefits that didn’t come with a cost. During the time his grass had been strengthened, his soul power had also been rapidly consumed.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to keep the Man-Faced Demon Spider bound the whole time. If he could do that, he would be able to easily kill the Man-Faced Demon Spider with his Golden Dragon Claw, regardless of whether he struck a vital spot or not.

However, the soul power consumption was simply too great for him to sustain. He had no choice but to recall Goldlight from his Bluesilver Grass in order to preserve enough soul power to use his Golden Dragon Claw.

Although his actions seemed to have been in perfect concert with Gu Yue at that final moment, in reality, it was simply that everything had gone according to their plan. Of course, no one would actually believe this. All of their actions incorporated a deep understanding of one another. In fact, even Tang Wulin and Gu Yue were surprised by the depth of their mutual understanding.

“That was an incredible victory!” Zhang Yangzi exclaimed, giddy with excitement and admiration. His words echoed everyone’s thoughts at that moment.

“Everyone, rest here and recover your soul power,” Tang Wulin said weakly, before taking the lead and closing his eyes to begin meditating.

As for the issue of safety? Why did they need to worry about that now? They were surrounded by the highly toxic spider webs of the Man-Faced Demon Spider, preventing both humans and soul beasts from approaching. They were in a perfectly safe position to rest right now.

The five sat in a circle with Tang Wulin in the center. Although they had been acting as a team for several months already, it wasn’t until a few moments ago in their triumph that they truly acknowledged Tang Wulin as their team captain.

Tang Wulin had controlled their entire battle against the calamity known as the Man-Faced Demon Spider, and had even fought with it face-to-face. Even though he may have potentially suffered torturous pain at the hands of the Man-Faced Demon Spider, he had not backed down from his duty. His unyielding will had truly been admirable to them.

Not only had he fulfilled his duties as the team captain, but he had also demonstrated the Bluesilver Grass’ power over control. Regardless of whether they were friend or foe, the degree of control would be unparalleled and would likely be even more amazing if his soul power had not been so weak.

The dim yellow light of spirit energy was slowly being absorbed into Tang Wulin’s body. Despite its outward simi

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